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I promised you that I’d come back on Firefox party day. Yes made it true. Nize to see many people are interested in Firefox 2.0 launch. I’m so happy as a Firian. There are nice brand spanking banners in Firefox home & I added new one for my Link-A-Mania.
Did I do enything wrong giving you guys the Fx2 download link before it become official?. I wanted to try it as quick as possible & share the fun with ma friends. A commenter had mentioned that to not to give away that kinda stuff. I feel guilty :-( . What do you think? My blog doesn’t have thousand hits a day so I think it’s not that serious case. There are some fake owners for the link & I’m so happy with it cos…… you know…..

However get Firy & experience the difference. For hardcore Firians I have no guarantee that “Fx2 has extra fun”. It just refused a couple of ma favorite extensions ( Fasterfox,,tab mix plus etc.). Nize look & sure it has nize stuff & surely those extensions will go together with Fx2 soon.

Found some interesting stuff to read at project gutenberg
Some sherlock holmes-sigmund freud-da vinci-Einstine related stuff made me craze of PG.Just try it. Hey I didn’t get Kamasutra ;-)

Didn’t find google book search much fun. Actually it was just a 2-3 mins of surfing in to it.must try it later.

If you are an ASCII art fan like me try these cool sites, found’em at lifehacker
get your self ASCIIfied
ASCIIfy your name

so bye then
Hack it!!!

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