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Hmmm…. got some time inside my .edu stuff & couldn’t resist the Techno phreak inside me. Thought I’d better share my favorites in surfing with you.

You know what I’m gonna say If you’ve been reading me for some time. Yes it is Firy, Firefox the browser I’m in love with. I’ll repeat those old stuff… no spams, fast, safe,highly customizable,Yes Firefox is. It’s FOSS( Free & Open Source Software)
Use these Extensions & don’t waste ya time thanking me…. ;-)
Down Them All
Tab Mix Plus
These are the must haves… There’s a lot & some will suit you.Find other Firefox extensions HERE.

Read ma old blog posts on Firy:
Hail Firefox | Firy & me

Zone alarm free
Whew….. You won’t believe it is free if you try it once. The best Firewall I ever tried. Don’t get angry with it in first few days…Just train it as a good watch dog. You’ll be surprised with what you get with it, I bet.

Yes, It’s not directly come in Online catagory. But it makes my surfing experience much better & easier. It has an alarm which reminds you when to disconnect (do you have a dialup connecton?). You can put what you have to do while you are surfing in a sticky note,when you are offline & you’ll never forget what you have to do when you’re online. This is godsend if you have to worry about surf TIME. It’s even better when Stickies are Transparent. Just hack around & what you can do with it :-) .

It’s a Free & Open Source, multi protocol IM client. Great if you have IDs all over the IM services & you like to play Dr.Jekyll & Mr.Hyde with your friends ;-) . It has nice features & what I like most is automatic IM logging. You can chat all your friends in one Gaim window & a new friend means just another tab in main window. It lacks Voice & web cam facilities so I use Yahoo messenger too.
Configure Gaims Text replacement pluggin & just type u for you r for are & your friends will see the exact words.

Another great product from Mozilla & it’s FOSS. Known as the brother of Firefox. It’s far more safe & full of features. POP3,IMAP,SMTP supported. For Gmail pop settings for Thunderbird just Hit This.

Find More
100 Free Downloads
FOSS for Win on Sourceforge
Lifehackers stuff

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