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Yes, It’s the time to say bye. Gotta “prove that real but not virtual”. Have to repeat Exam.

It was a nice piece of ma life, I’ve been with u. Firy, lklug, BUD, Nazly, Kottu & all you, ma friends.

I’m not leaving forever…I’ll be back as soon as possible. I have to completely put away ma compy (Nazly’s word) as I can’t control ma self in front of a computer :-) . I’m that much a techno phreak.

Even I had bad experiences these days I can leave with a clear mind.

Here’s ma last not so big deal….
Someone named good_friend in Yahoo messenger tried to F*ck me as Krazy_kid_cute, pretending he is a gal named Lathika Thilini. Oh he got nailed at last. Hey u r not that clever guy to catch me, good_friend. Cj also came between & confirmed that good_friend is that GIRL(remember? CJ is ma evil twin)
Yes there are some psycos in Y messenger. That’s why I use k_0_b_a . Screen name helps a lot in some reasons even it’s not geeky & never recommended by real hackers.
If you wanna fool someone, find one fits ya size( maybe I’m the one who fit ;-) ). However it’s fun to have this kinda experience even it sucks precious online time. Try it if u like….remeber people can ignore IMs.

Okay guys & gals, time to leave. Thank you all for being with me. Wish me luck if u r a good friend,I’ll be elated when I check ma comments.
Don’t forget to go with Firefox 2.0 from 27th this month. It’s the party day & I’ll be here on that day.

Enjoy ya life [NET life] . Hack it!!!

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