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I don’t know why is my life having so many difficult times these days. Today I went to ven.Ilgo, my Linux Guru(teacher) ‘to have a python bite’ as he call it. It was always nice to be with him & learn Linux & python. I love when we talk about computer related stuff while sharing our experiences. Damn….everything has it’s own finishing.
I got to know that my loving linux guru has to leave Sri Lanka soon.Yes there’s a day for the departure,it’s 9th November. It will be one of the most embarrassing days of ma life. Not only me CJ is also really upset as we’re going to see the end of a long sweet dream.

ILGO the Theravada Buddhist name of ma teacher is a combination of two chinese Characters, IL meaning sun & GO meaning high. Yes, he is the sun high brightning our linux lives & soon I won’t be able to use is here.
I myself & CJ got a whole lot of knowledge from him. I know that there are things that we will never get to know this soon if Ven.Ilgo wasn’t here. Once I tried to emulate this feeling, the end of all this & I found it’s so difficult, but when it goes to happen in the real world …OH… far harder to deal with.
Ven.Ilgo may have different feelings about this as he is a buddhist monk & he really is a monk.

I can’t put my Ideas well together as I’m not in a good status of mind.
All I have to say is we’ll miss you a lot hamuduruvanae, we’ll miss you really a lot. :-(

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  1. huh, care to give me and insight of python? i remember downloading the sdk for it but dont know where it is. want to really get back into programming atleast for self study n programs for my purpose.

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