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Today I sat for the aptitude test of BIT course at University of Moratuva. The test was a bit hard one; it was the most difficult IQ test I ever sat for. But I think I did it well. Even I’m hoping to repeat my A/Ls next time, I (& CJ) wanted to see what’s going on in such a test. Is it (BIT course) worth doing than A/Ls? . plz comment me your opinion & It would be a great help for me.

After the Test I went to an Internet cafe as I didn’t check how my online stuff is going on, yesterday. The whole experience was a piece of CRAP without Firy(Firefox). Damn.. I just can’t believe I surfed without Firy. All I did was Checking my Emails, my blog :-) ,,, & ugh that’s all for 30 minutes. I just paid 25 but I think it’s a waste, relatively.
Firy I love you more & more.


  1. If BIT at the university of moratuwa is a degree,(As in bachelor of information technology) then it is definitely better than repeating the AL yet again. You’ve already done AL twice, what’s the point of doing it the third time, when you can choose to move on instead. And what’s the guarantee that you’ll do better the third time?

  2. Also chanux, I think you shouldn’t think that you “failed” A/L the second time you did it. You failed the first time but you PASSED the second time. OK, maybe you didn’t qualify to go to the engineering faculty, but still, technically you PASSED because you passed all the subjects.
    At this age a lot of people think of AL as the exam to enter univ, but it’s much more than that. If a person hasn’t passed A/L (As in cleared all the subjects) he’ll be shut out of so many opportunities. There are so many things you can do even if you don’t go to uni.
    just some examples-
    bit @ UCSC ( )
    open university
    chartered accountancy
    external degrees

    The main thing is, you PASSEd, and CONGRADULATIONS!

  3. Thanx Shany, Appreciate each & every word from u. I’m worried u r anonymous.

  4. i wrote the BIT enterance exam. i need to sea the results.

  5. We, students of IT Faculty University of Moratuwa, are going to stop conducting BIT. Because we do not like some stupid sons of rich parents get a degree which we are going to earn with lot of effort. So try to do something else and forget about BIT UoM you ediot.
    And don’t think that you will be welcome by the industry, bcoz BIT is there to produce some “cording boys” for the software engineers like us so we don’t need to waste out time for cording(if you dont trust me then ask from the dean of the faculty of IT).
    And also money you spend for the faculty to get a degree will be invested to the our new faculty building, so thanks for that.

  6. We don’t allow to start BIT

    • How stupid is this man Thanushka you ediot. Do you think IT Faculty University of Moratuwa own by your father? stupid.. You are a waste.

  7. Hi I am a Graduate from FIT @ UOM. and we are welcome you to do BIT @ UOM. Education is fundamental rights of every one. So no body can stop this degree program. I also got my BSc in IT from University of Moratuwa Internally. But I don’t think all who entered to internal degree programs grater then who are not selected to University because we can’t say Sri Lankan university selection system is 100% fair. If you are from Colombo or kandy some of internal students may be lower qualified then you. You don’t care about narrow minded people. if you selected for the BIT @ UOM then do it. There is a good name for Moratuwa graduate in industry. If you got BIT from UOM you also will be included Moratuwa graduates list.

    Good luck

    • yep,datz true am also following BIT @ uom.

  8. Shame on you Shafraz! As students of FIT, we declare that we will not allow the BIT program to happen. You are a traitor – you are in that position now because you studied at FIT, and now, once you have got there, you don’t care about what happens to the rest of us – or about what happens to FIT! Get some sense into your head – if BIT starts, then there will be no B.Sc in IT – and then there will be no FIT either. It is because of people like you that universities, (and eventually countries) go down the drain – but we will not let that happen – there will be no BIT at FIT and whoever who wants to do it would be wise to forget about it and get on with there lives. You enter FIT as an undergraduate for B.Sc in IT – or not at all!

  9. You are a pathetic guy Shafraz. you have forgotten your beginings. One day you will forget your mother and father also. We will stop this BIT(UOM) somehow. You will not have a future. So go to the hell Shafraz. Good bye.

  10. WOW…Guys…guys…what the hell happening to you lot at FIT.

    BIT is a programme that will allow anyone is interested and willing to get a sound knowledge in IT, do so. I am completely baffled by the attitude of some of the internal students of FIT, towards the BIT@FIT; what exactly are you worried about?

    I take my hat off to Shafraz; well said and well done for your responsible and fresh attitude. For Thanushka, I’ve got no idea what to say. Did you ever think for a moment, what sort of an image you are portraying to Chanux and most importantly, the community at-large and the rest of the world. Chanux was only seeking valuable, fruitful advice. This sort of negative outdated ideologies which you seem to share with and some other students, will only lead to the downfall of the entire Faculty.

    External degree’s like BIT offer opportunities to a wide range of demography, including but not limited to a variety of scenarios:
    – Working people
    – Widening access geographically
    – Housewives and mothers who may choose to build a career in some point of their lives
    – Older children of a family who had to assume responsibility of the family when the head of the household had deceased. It is often the case, that these youngster would have worked in difficult. manual and at times, off-shore jobs to support their young siblings. They invariably would have missed out on an opportunity for a quality education. Instead of being stuck in dead-end jobs, these people can also build a career for themselves.
    – People with different forms of disability. Our University like other Sri Lankan public universities isn’t able to support the learning of people with certain types of disability. This disabilities come in different forms- mobility, vision, hearing, cognition.

    Thanushka, you must expand your thinking and attitude to appreciate that external degrees are not only for students who, for various, reasons, failed to secure a place in the public universities of Sri Lanka.

    For anyone who is interested in BIT@FIT, please go ahead and do it. It is conducted by well experienced and qualified staff. It will give you ahead start in your future works of life. I am so sad by this false negative propaganda by some of the FIT students. I assure you all that,
    frankly it is a very limited number of students who seem to be entertaining such mentalities. For the students of the Faculty, please leave such thinking in the last century; get your degree and be useful to the country rather than trying to ruin a place, in which we all believe in.

  11. Hey You undergraduate & graduate slugs who are blamin me….just send ya comments to /dev/null.
    I know u fools are behind me even u r Graduates. I’ll describe the steps which made u IT graduates.
    1.A/L result
    2.I’m passed A/L.Wanna do something in uni.
    3.Argh there is IT I can do that.
    -Hey do u know vut’s IT?
    -4get it. I can do I’ll do it. that’s all.
    4.Huh at last I’m an IT graduate.

    But My story is different. I’ve been living wi da compy for 9 years. I know things by experience but notes or lectures.

    Finally BIT@UOM is not ma life. That’s not the only shit IT related which I can go with.And also I’m not a rich guy as some fuckers yelling at me.I still wonder why those under graduates asked me “Ayya, how can I do that in Linux, How can I do this in Linux” at SFD [ ] .


  12. You, idiots at FIT don’t know the deferent between an internal and an external degree. So how r they become engineers?

  13. This is really silly. If a guy/gal wants to do IT and if a particular uni is offering that then what’s wrong in using them. You guys at FIT have not giving a good reason why you hate so much BIT.

    Also I don’t understand why the hell you guys (@FIT) shouting at this guy who wanted to know something from the others. He has just asked a question. Instead of answering that with details you are shouting at him like mad dogs. That’s not nice. Give reasons before u bark.

    Also as chanux said this is not the only IT related degree that anyone can do in sri lanka. That statement doesn’t mean that moratuwa degree is equal to other degrees. I admit that it’s valuable. But you can get in to a nice place without having a moratuwa degree. Think about it.

  14. People who are standing with me …. HERE’s a BIG hug. Thanx a lot.

  15. Where is BIT web site?
    The Government promise to student they should stop the BIT @ last meeting with Education minister.

    BIT is Virtual not a real one…..

    Take decision in your own.. Don’t behave what others want to behave….

  16. @FIT student
    Oh is it gonna stopped………? Mommeeeeeeeee!
    Time to ask for my money wasted on a useless piece of crap?
    not the time to believe you FIT student.

  17. Now BIT is Stoped……
    No one give your money back……Chanux….
    Sorry Brother.. What happend to your Rs 750/=
    Ask from IT faculty…….
    or Don’t think about it…..

  18. Hmm at last…… I became a victim of another scam.
    But I regret nothing. And not really upset about that 750/=. they were 1000/= the experiences I had. I found how to face this kinda things. Okay man congrats on ya victory …. Let’s say hoorray… know that I think open. So happy to share the fun.
    And I’m happy that this post drew me lots of hits. Let me see…. There are 246 hits for now, out of my 2027.

    Thank you all of you who put your comments on this page.
    No matter what you do just try to HACK IT!

  19. Who said the BIT programme is terminated. It will start delivering the course on the third quarter of this year.

  20. Well I would like to say some words to Undergraduate @ FIT. First don’t be narrow minded be broad minded.
    Education is fundamental rights of each. It may be free education or paid education, no body can avoid it. In A/L 50% qualifies each year and only 2% get chance to enter state universities because of restriction of resource (it don’t mean other 98% are not qualified). We can’t say Sri Lankan university selection system is 100% fair. So there should be a way to study for remaining 98%.
    Who are entered to university for internal degree should not think there are superior then others. There are lots out side, superior then you (including me). You may have came from district like nuwaraliya, anuradapura with low marks and there are lot in outside with higher marks then you so there should be a way to study them.
    I personally welcome not only external degree programs private university systems as well with some conditions. They are it should not harm free education system and government universities, should not harm standard of Sri Lankan education and fire payments for education.

    Some are says rich student will get advantage from this. Why are you worried about it if it harms you? Anyway it’s not true. If rich students wants there are many private institutions like IIT, SLIIT, APIIT, etc and they can go foreign for higher education. But mainly pure or middle level students are going to get advantage from this program.

    Some people against this blindly or backed by narrow minded politicians. You know why may people do A/L up to 3 times? Because they have only way for higher education is state university. Other wise they have to spend millions on foreign universities. If there is alternative to state university system with affordable rate then they want compete with others in 2nd or 3rd times and wont worst them time. So competition for state system will be decrease and pure students will get more chance to enter government universities.

    I know you guys are afraid of competition in industry. You guys going to do are like tie-up others lag and race with them. If you think you are superior then others face the challenge, show your talent in academic and in industry (I wish you for that). Don’t try to go in back door.

    Think if Computer Science and Engineering students were thinks like you…….. there is no FIT now .

    Finally I want to say one mere. You know we are beyond India in IT quality wise. Why then India beyond then us in software exports? Why international organizations like Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Intel, etc invest in India? They have a powerful man power. So increment of man power will creates more opportunities. International companies will invest in Sri Lanka.

  21. Shafraz with a long comment.
    Geeth with another strange news
    FIT Student with a LIE?
    I get more even this is a old post. Okay c’mon guys. hit me.
    I think all FIT students have come here. I’m happy.
    And I’ll mail to find the truth.

  22. What are the minimum entry requirements to do the BIT in University of Moratuwa??(O/L results / A/L 3 passes??)

  23. A/L 3 passes I think. But you won’t get the internal one with this.

  24. I think FIT@UoM guys are trying to monopolize the IT industry in Sri Lanka. They should understand the reality. They did A/L’s well. Yes, that’s true. But how can we evaluate the IT knowledge from A/L’s or from degree ? Will it prove the ability of people ? They are thinking that UoM is the only place to get a degree. [Day dreams will never comes true]. My personal opinion is they are another set of IT students. That’s it. Because anyone can learn any technology and can become an expert of selected field if he/she is really interested in it.

  25. FIT students who have yelled here are afraid of challenge. cos they are just students ; they are afraid of real IT enthusiasts. Let’s just ignore them & prove that real but not virtual ;)

  26. This Blog post comes first in Google pagerank for most key word binds made with BIT,FIT & UoM. I’m a happy guy. Thanx to all for taking me on top somewhere. :)

  27. will this degree (BIT at UOM) be starting or not? cant anyone be 100% sure about it?

    • ajith madurapperuma
    • Posted March 27, 2007 at 8:48 am
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    sorry for all. we have to stop BIT@FIT programe. i cant do any thing. Internel student are more powerful. sorry for all!

  28. there are more people behind this to make those peoples life and pocket by using student life of mother lanka.

    be careful put step
    others pocket or ur life

  29. BIT @ UoM is only SHIT for me. Who cares about that haan?. Now I know how this world rotates & I dont care. For all who are visiting this page remember I’m exploring a bigger universe BIT @ UoM is ….Well….Nothing…..

  30. Hey Let’s finish this in chanux way.

    Ok friends, It seems all over now. BIT@UoM is done. Thanx for every one who came here & stll keep coming here I’m taking amy hat off [it’s neither black nor white].

    I’ve been bad tempered sometimes. I’m sorry if I broke some ones heart. Let’s be friends. Phlame wars are just a lil part of this culture haan.

    ppl who cant live without BIT can try BIT@UCSC.
    Okay then all you guys try to HACK IT!

  31. Hello

    Interesting post from blogger ‘Ajith Madurapperuma’. I do wonder which authority has bestowed on him the right to declare publicly that BIT@FIT is cancelled.

    I thought I should clarify some points for every once sake.

    1) The highest decision making bodies of the University of Moratuwa have decided BIT is a need of the country (and proposal has been passed by the University Senate and Council).

    2) Information has been conveyed to Student Union representatives by the Vice Chancellor himself about the developments.

    3) Also the programme has got the full backing of the government. It is currently a huge expense for the government to maintain the free education system at university level. Historically, the expansion of the degree programmes have been hindered by this. Fee-levied education will not only provide means for more students to pursue higher education but also for universities to expand their current programmes. If anyone interested reading bit more about the Government’s perspective on this, check the following link.

    Lastly, I really do hope the people who are acting childishly to will get their act sorted and be productive and shape their views for the betterment for their fellow youth at-large and the country, rather than trying to drag it 5 decades back.

    – Geeth


  33. HAY WAHT HAPPENED TO YOU HA !you all think that you all experts . Oky FIT you are experts then let them to be with you and learn . After end you will be have a nice war with them allright . Lets see who are the experts . Man This is IT field , allright how much you smart is how much you valid in the company allright . I know a man (fxxxing man ) who failed AL or even havent OL how earn around 7,000$ per a month in the USA . Hay if they want to do your course like you let them to do it and suffer it . Man are you FIT students dropping the challanges ? No man let them in and let them wasted get loosed . dont try to stop If you are really EXPERTS (Fuxxing experts , trying to be a expert Fxcked me).man you thinking that you are experts in it field you really a looser .Just don’t try to be a expert “get a GOOD job and marry your girl soon and live in low ” , but if you want to be a expert this will FxUCK you ! .

  34. @Sandundhammikaperera

    You are damn right man. There’s nothing more than self learning. The people who love the thing wins others loose with big degrees under their name. Hooooo!

  35. I think that you never stop your aim to be a expert . why why why . ? . Oky that you saying that you are a expert and they close your ways , still saying that thing . Oky man let me show you a another way , if you are a expert you can get that exam and be a certifited better than a degree .You can do CHE (certified ethical hacker exam ) in sri lanka . That exam was a shitt man But I recommand that you can do BIT@UCSC or at the open universiaty IT .In our BIT@UCSC there are some subjects that pure techinical but in the E-Commerce field . The major thing that they forcused on E-commerce is jobs . Think that you like kernel programming like me , but my friend there are no jobs in this field in sri lanka .Therefore you have to learn these kind of busniess realated subjects . But if you are thinking that you hate business related subjects then you done at OU IT . you should complete your degree , to take a job (means you have to study business related things also) , but dont remember to make yourself more professional to the field of IT . self learn programming languages as you have the time . Even I was a universiaty student at SJP doing math physics and statics . I hate those sjbjects and I love to be with my computer . Today I cut one Math leacutre and a Static leacitre and early come to see my wife ( my computer ) . I just not only doing the BIT program beacuse I shoud have a degree I done that . Even the BIT@UCSC is more business side it considered as a FULLY TECHINICAL dEGREE . sometimes more than the internal degree at the MoU . that means unlike me and the all internal universiaty students you can done a job + IT dEgRee . So I gell you and I hate you . But I shoud say these things unless I will collect PoW . So man you have a choice , doing Al again is nothing to me in this state . I just also 21 allright . AL is nothing allright . so if you have a very good sure about the IT field that I think that you do a degree . 21 is not a age of a AL student , however you analysis these all things and decide what you are going to do . according to me Doing AL again is a bad thing . you can done a BCS or BIT or IT in OU . and also do the CHE . Unlike AL , BIT or BCS or BSC , in the CHE you have to prove yourself that I am a really expert . Man if you feel that you really hard to “prove yourself” , then I recommand you to do AL again and go to the UoM as a engneering student .and get into a gov realated company .and take your salary again , do your job and not the service and then you can marry your girl friend and live happy . That’s also a good thing .

  36. Damn Underachiever they are all alike!!! CEH!!! Anyways, I saw you guys fighting For this BIT@UOM matter in ma best bud ChanuX’s blog, like it was for world peace! But I never bothered to Comment coz We geeks are normally too lazy for those non technical fuzz! Until I heard ya saying the word CEH.
    I hope you know that to be a CEH you need to be registered in some places (don’t ask where) why? coz a CEH’s knowledge may be harmful to the rest of the Cyber world if used in an evil way. But what about those non certified black hat hackers? Does the rest of the world offer them a chance to register and become Grey hat hackers? NO! I got proof.
    I was interested in that(you know what) field since I was tall enough to reach ma keyboard.I tried reading everything and anything i found related to it.Finaly I got a Damn great Present from a foreign friend of mine who was in sri lanka for some time.Let’s say I had a knowledge source for the CEH exam !.What else do I need! finished all! and here I am! with a little bit of knowledge about all those penetration tests,vulnerabilitys and exploits etc. etc…..
    And one day, I was surprised to see Singapore Informatics Advertising for the 5 day Certified Ethical Hacker course which was labeled as 80,000/= I wanted to prove my self! as a knowledge seeker I wanted to face just the CEH exam! But I can’t spend 80,000 to learn something I already know! How about paying just for the exam? I mean Exam fees, not for lectures?
    So I gave a call to Singapore Informatics and ask the sweet lady who answered the phone call whether I can face the CEH exam at their place without having “their” lectures. Know what they did? They refused at once!!! “NO! there can’t be anyone who got enough knowledge to face the CEH exam in sri lanka, If not learned from US” I wish I could show them how wrong they were! but how! They never faced ma challenge on passing the exam if they let me face it! May be I’m not good enough for the exam. Then I’ll fail, But I got a right to try!!!
    They took away ma chance to be helpful to the society with my knowledge! why? Just because They never think that anyone can “self study” anything, Just like these FIT@UOM guys who are blaming at the BIT@UOM Ok just think about this! How about letting those BIT buys in and show them how FIT you Are? :p There’s no rule in the world that IT field is only for people who passed the Sri Lankan A/L or O/L exams.
    So FIT people! Stop violating others Human rights and do your studies. Not every exam can be passed by reading your books all night and sitting all the day in tuition classes, Like the A/L exam in sri lanka! :lol:
    “Anyone got the right to learn, but no one got the right to stop anyone from learning”


  37. May $formatics have leactures , but that does not make you a really expert . There are black places all around the sri lanka to be SMART . you have to make contracts …. Are you played SCARFACE , tony monthana ! . Just like tony monthana you have to make those contracts by yourself . you can be totly lost at half of a second byt good bye !and have a nice jorney ! .I think that you never want to spend 80,000 money for that shitt . Make the contracts like tony . who’s going to meet you is the world of chicogo . when you smart into keep the puata ,chico then you will feel like machine gun is better than the keybord . after that I thik you are ! then go to meet the course deliar , i have so many EIO , I don’t like anyone fxxxing with me , you got the money I got the EIO , then deal with then and you will get a money . dirty cash .
    I’m tony monthana ! chico !

  38. @Sandundhammikaperera
    Hey, I dunno WTF you are talking about. I never wanna be an expert or ask the world to call me “OH chanux, you are the expert”. I just love this thing(IT) & I loose all my life on it.
    You are being completely misleaded. However nothing matters in my F*cking world. All that matter is a satisfying knowledge.
    I’m just a TECH PHREAK trying to catch T-REXs wi a fishing net :) . Yeah that’s me. If anyone just wanna play the game just STFU & play. Sometimes you will win & sometimes you won’t. Knowledge decides.
    Damn Underachievers, they are all alike!!! They are F*cking all alike :D

  39. Chanux, buddy! We better stop arguing with guys like this,
    I don’t understand a word of that “tony monthana” 8) I think I’ve just wasted my time on my previous comment, these guys know nothing about everything :P :D I’m definately sure its worth keeping these muggles in a distense coz they just donno FTW they are talking about :lol:

  40. Chanux, Don’t worry about that. We will Start it on this October. We will send more information later.

  41. Guys,
    BIT has started. i know this becus they have sent me a letter asking to be registered.

  42. hey the BIT@Uom is for all. Its not for the rich or poor. I’m an undergraduate @ FIT and we really love to see others getting the benefit from the BIT program. Whether some one have money or not evey one has the right to learn. We are not frighted from the challenge the BIT guys will have.
    Any way we cant change the way some internal guys are feeling.

    But they have forgotten that many of these shouters would not haven’t come to UOM if they were in colombo or Kandy. ( that a little reminder)

    And to say all students (including the Union) agreed that they have no concern for BIT but the internal facilities should be increased.

    In the srilanka the A/L s is the only thing that messures the knowledge. But there are guys who are really capable of doing things that many cant even imagine. They deserve better.

    And IT is all about Self Learning. Better the talented more the opportunity.

    We @ FIT are ready for the challenge & welcome all for the BIT .:)


  43. @deco
    Nice to see guys like you in BIT UoM.

  44. however at last they underestood others educational rights ! Of course that was a good thing . Really man in sri lanka the truth story is we need so many IT persons to develop our country . There are so many jobs without the people or quallified onces . Man or Women if you learn little and if you are saying that I have a degree and I havent a job , that a very commody statement . Thus beacuse a degree is only three letters (BSC). The Xperence is the BEst for earning $ .ya for me $ is the life .However man Why as sri lanka cannot write operating systems for our country ?why we depend on Micro$oft WindowZ !Cozz that was a shitt man . Man think about this if we have experts we can write them . even gov doesn’t take a care about this industry . There can be given many jobs in this field . But our FXXING gov dont care about this . This is for the GOV , what and why do not help this industry ? GOV can make the our country software firms more and we have the low labor cost in our country and soon THE IT WILL BE OUR MAIN INCOME MAN ! then Rs for $ or $ for Rs . Man I think $ for Rs.

  45. as a student of FIT i would like to apologies from chanux if he’s hurt by the remarks of thanushka. surely not everyone in faculty of IT is like thanushka. chanux has a right to do the BIT if it’s available. It’s not his fault. majority of students opposed the BIT because we felt that lecturers are attending more work of BIT rather than FIT work. it was evident. When we had to wait for 3 months to get our semester results BIT results were out quicklier than that. We only asked the lecturers to give our required facilities first and then do what ever the course they like. honestly i also opposed the BIT because we had so many problems in the faculty. hope chanux and others would understand.

    but its not fair to say that students other than from kandy and colombo are not intelligent. im also from colombo. i have seen the amount of creativity that are on the students in our faculty. surely intelligent doesn’t have a geographical effect.
    those didn’t get enough marks because they didn’t have enough facilities. i must reply to this guy seejay. seejay, you don’t have to be ashamed that you couldn’t pass the A/L’s and attack at students who got better of you at the exam. you didn’t pass because you were not good at maths, physics, and chemistry which requires some amount intelligence. you did say something about reading the books all night didn’t you? face the facts you couldn’t even beat the students who are away from kandy and colombo. sure most of the students at FIT were not IT savvy when they come here but they learn pretty quickly because they have the most important skill, ability to learn. we won the imagine cup for three years now. i challenge you seejay come up with a team and face us at the imagine cup this year. you would recognize why you couldn’t get selected to the uni.
    people like you oppose free education because you are jealous of poor kids who always get better of you.

    for thanushka don’t be so narrow minded. honestly im ashamed you are a FIT student. you have a right to oppose the BIT. but chanux also have a right do any course he likes.
    and i think BIT is going to start. here’s some thing for you to think about. look and see who’s building the new BIT site. IT’s none other than Tharanga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally i would like if chanux, thanushka and SeeJay(the poor looser) and any other would reply to this comment.

  46. @Tharanga A.K.A stu @ FIT
    Thanx for the comments. I got a letter for registering for BIT@UoM & it’s not a thing I worry about, any more. But I’d like to answer your comments Coz you want me to & it’s all about education.

    Education in Sri Lanka is something I don’t like while I love education so much. Education makes us real Homo sapiens & sometimes homo superior. Once I had a chat with BUD & told him what I think about education. I said it’s useless learning these crap which won’t improve special abilities of different people. Bud said “you are right. But we can’t change this. Try to do your best & go to the uni. Free as in beer education is not that bad.”

    Free as in beer education is not THAT bad. It’s something great but used in a bad way. I’m not worried coz we’re living in the land of failure. [I must take my hat off at Mr. C.W.W.Kannangara who made education available to everyone].

    By the way Tharanga.. You are still thinking you guys who are in uni are the best. Please stop thinking that way. You can be the best as everyone. But don’t be that quick to think you guys are the best as you are in uni. I had few lame chances to get in uni but I kicked them away. Yes I’m waiting for something better. Sometimes I’ll hit or sometimes not. But it won’t be the end of my life & it won’t prove I can’t be the best.

    You called seejay a ‘poor loser’ ha? I know him very well as he is my best friend. Math, chem n Physics need some brain, I agree. But losing to pass A/L doesn’t mean [seejay is passed & had the chance for the uni too.] someone is an idiot or can’t do any math ever. I’ve seen a comment of an engineer from Uni of [erased] on seejays tech blog saying it’s the best Lankan tech blog. The one who commented has a tech blog too but he falls far shorter. His degree is not a parachute for him as skills win in practical world.

    I’m sure that this kind of thinking has hurt Albert Einstein when he was a kid. But he taught math to the world. He’s the best. All oh-so-intelligent people try to understand him. He was neglected in his childhood & didn’t have proper education like most of real heroes who changed the world.

    Education can’t make you intelligent. It makes you knowledgeable & sometimes closes the doors of free & creative thinking. Especially in sri lanka, education is formed to make machines which don’t think & just do whatever developed countries want.

    Even U.S.A had problems in education. I guess it was the early days of internet when the hacker culture emerged. I’ve read hackers tutes blaming their education system. However They changed their education system & you know what happened. In Korea robotics is taught in middle school, now imagine where we are in education.

    In Sri Lanka, Just a very little portion of students go in to uni. All the others who fall short are not dumb. I’m sure that there are lot of skillful guys are staying outside while some idiots are in uni. Some of the selected students don’t learn well but get the degree & being neglected in industry as they don’t have enough skills. This is the bitter truth.

    It’s the time to change the way we think. We’ll never get a better education system as we have a nice political system in sri lanka. But we can help each other to get out of ashes & take the upper hand. It’s not easy & not impossible too. I hardly believe that we can beat India easily in this game,IT.

    Finally I’d like to invite you guys to think wide open & grow a heart in you. Learn well, you guys are very lucky to study in uni, pls don’t make it a sin doing dumb things. Whatever we do, someday we’ll meet in the industry which doesn’t care anything but skills & working brains. On that day let’s do a sweet fight to prove who the best is. Learn well & ensure that the degree you get is not just a piece of crap but something proves your outstanding skills.

    I’m ready for that future. Sometimes I’ll win or sometimes I’ll fail. Knowledge & skills decide.

    PS- If you build BIT web site pls do some SEO and beat this post on Google for BIT,UoM keywords. As a little help I’ll rewrite all the links I gave to BIT web site to rel=nofollow Ha..Ha..Ha… :p

  47. so so so….
    i also registred for BIT and was soooooo happy when i rcvd the letter asking to come for a training on monday the 3rd september. by the way yu negative guys who wanted to put a fullstop for BIT from the beginning…..the BIT of UOM will be officially launched from the 24th september 2007…
    be positive….

    you guys must realize that sri lanka needs a lot of IT heads coz at present you take the market of IT and see how many Indians and non sri lankans are serving the IT field …its a shame and we should be grateful that UOM is offering a external degree like BIT to produce more and more IT heads to cater the needs of SL IT market…

  48. and sri lankan uni. has only a limited number of seats available for the students so they only selct the best AL passed students so that doesnt mean the rest of the students have to just regret the fact that they could not enter the university but try to be enrolled in a program like UOM BIT.

    so u think it this way..becoz u passed AL s with very good grades you are getting some kind of scholarship to enter the university and study for free but we who could not enter it have to pay money to do it…so be positive and think how lucky you are to save a lot of money on education….

    good to hear that the money we paid will benefit you all as someone said its going to be spent to construct buildings or whatever so maybe in the future a lot of children can be entered the uni.

  49. in a period where students with 3A s at AL s can not get into university, this program is gr8!
    good luck UOM BIT!

  50. nonsense.
    why are u guise are fitting each other.
    live in harmony. That makes a better life than doing BIT or refusing to do BIT. Good luck

    • not-Ajith Maduraperuma
    • Posted September 22, 2007 at 1:53 pm
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    Dear Chanux,

    We can not start bit because the internal students don’t allow me to earn some money by selling the IT degry. However I”ll do the BIT in my next life. So please give me youe course peece payment to go for the prostitute.

    not-Dr. Ajith Maduraperuma,
    not-Former Dean

    This comment is here because there are poeple who have gee instead of brain in their heads. I don’t delete this because it will be a help to make out those morons anywhere here after. However the email address given on the comment is -must be a fake address. Seems like PONY-Boys are visting to my blog.

  51. Dear Chanu

    I sincerely hope you will delete the above post by the person(s) proclaiming to be Dr. Ajith Madurapperuma, the former Dean of the IT faculty, University of Moratuwa. I was an academic staff member at IT faculty for three years, and am simply amazed to see such a post. I hope this is not a post by a student(s) of IT faculty but by a person(s) who either have taken this forum for fun or as an easy means to carryout a personal vendetta against Dr. Madurapperuma. If this is a post by a student of the faculty, all I got to say is god bless Sri Lanka, because that is sadly going to be the so called future of Sri Lanka.

    For the person who wrote this, I would like to remind that there is so called spell checkers so that next time even if he/she posting something like this, at least they can get their spellings correct even though they cannot get their facts correct. For a start it is fees not “peece”.

    – Geeth

  52. …And Geeth, I ‘m sure that comment is done by an internal student of FIT UoM. It’s proven there are morons in FIT UoM. Need proof? Read this whole page again.

    Damn under acheivers. They are all alike!

  53. Hi Bro,
    First of all I’m really sorry if I break your heart in my previous comment. To be honest I never thought that it will end up in this manner. Few months ago when I’m surfing in the internet I saw this forum and I just put some comments without thinking so much about it. I’m really sorry for what I have done and I don’t have any idea about the others who post against BIT.

    To be honest I don’t care whether the BIT is going to start of not. Bcoz when you’re out in the industry what matters in how much talented you are. Not what is your degree?

    So I wish good luck to you machan and all the best.

    Again I apologize for what I have done and hope you are not mad with me.


  54. @Thanushka
    That’s really okay man. You blamed me & you asking me for forgivance. I’m a cool guy :). but good at phlame wars thanx to old hackers tuts.

    …and where have ye been all this time? din’t you see how things go here?

    And do you accept ma challenge? did you see that on the post “BIT @ UoM; How it became top” here on this blog?

    Here’s a High5.

  55. According to the situation you all can see the power of FIT students. We will prove that there will be no BIT today or in future.

    Beware of students !!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Hi bro,

    No macha I haven’t visited your blog for months. And when I saw your bolg on yesterday it scared me a lot. It seems that you guys are having a war.

    It seems that your blog has very busy time.

    Anyway lets keep in touch.

  57. @FIT Student

    OH really, we can see how powerful you guys are & how dumb some of you are :lol: . You just keep barking without posting any intelligent dialogs here.

    Please you mad FIT guys….. PISS OFF!!!

    Peopl who comment here under the name FIT student[s] are flamin spineless turkies. I say that for a good reason.

  58. FIT Students
    Can you explain what power you have? The Minister of Higher Education and the Vice Chancellor said that programs like BIT are needed for this country and they fully support it.

    Chanux: Are you a BIT student? If so can we use this type of forum to discuss our academic work?

  59. ubla bit karanna kampas ennanam epa pukawal palanawa.

  60. hey bro,

    This bit thing is blowing around but as i mentioned earlier that we dont have problem with BIT. The student union is playing fool and not many students are with them. We stood aginst the bit under come considerations as STU @ FIT said.

    And you see some one has said “the control of the the world will change form powerful nations to smarter nations”

    So guys & Gals lets build that nation.


  61. Hi guys,

    Well I don’t see any logic behind blaming to each other in a blog which has no relation to the subject matter.

    Secondly earlier when the BIT is going to start, the Uni or the Faculty hide all the information about it from us. Even the BIT students know about it before us. (U can imagine our situation if u are having semester exams per every 4 months, mid semester exams per every 2 months , more than 2 assignments and more than 80% attendance for 6 to 8 subjects each.) So we didn’t have any time to watch TV or read newspapers. And you can imagine the situation about what happen when the faculty starts an external degree without known to the internal students.

    We came to know about BIT about 5 dates before your registration (or what ever) which took place in Borella about few months back. So at that time we were very angry and we didn’t had much info about BIT. Most of the facts that that we heard were gossips. Even that’s why I pot my 1st post in this blog. (Now I’m really feel sorry about it).

    And now we have some knowledge about it and my opinion is that “it’s ok to have BIT as long as it doesn’t make any damage to internal students. And so far it’s ok”. And when you are out there in the IT industry it doesn’t matter what degree you have, all matter is how much capable and talented you are.

    So that all I have to say. So it’s your decision guys.

    And all the best.

  62. @BIT student
    Proud to say I’m not a BIT student.

    You are scum man. You are a pol ‘ u know what ‘

    replace ‘u know what’ ‘booruwa’

    @ Everyone

    This blog post has earned me 998 hits so far & It took me lots of experience & few good friends too. As I mentioned before I come first in Google search for some relevant key word binds (Google page rank of this blog post itself is 3). The most important thing is that I had the chance to get in to the ‘Sri Lanka IT Professionals Google group’ thanks to this very blog post.
    And on the other hand FIT students proved their weakness in many aspects. This blog is on & some other blog syndicating sites. So a considerable number of intelligent people read this. And I think the FIT students are intelligent enough to understand that they are earning a bad name in the industry. As & addition I’ll try my best to get this to more crowd. So dear FIT students & FIT patriots, please get some more details about your batch so it will help the employers to avoid you guys :lol:
    All the people who have commented against BIT thing have never pointed out better facts to support their view. They’ve been just yelling & have never been intelligent enough to create a meaningful debate here. So I doubt they are suitable for being IT graduates. I wonder whether those guys would ever become ‘code monkeys’, at least.
    How ever it’s evident that there aren’t much narrow thinkers. As long as ‘Survival of the fittest’ exists they’ll be sent to /dev/null by the industry itself. So my dear open & broad thinkers let’s get together to innovate future IT. People who support this idea are welcome to comment your views. If you want to catch me find the contact page linked at the top right hand side of this blog to email me.
    Hack !T

  63. Dear all,

    First of all don’t be shellfish, Education is for all.

    I’m a senior lecturer, lecturing for the BIT external degree of the UCSC, I know how many UoM students are following the UCSC BIT. Why cant others do the UoM BIT? Is it that only UoM students must study?

    If I’m the President of Sri Lanka or the Minister for Education & High Education or the Vice Chancellor of UoM, I would definitely start & encourage external programs & too start an external medical degree in Sri lank.

    I hope that the UoM BIT program will start soon & helps external students to benifit too.

  64. pls visit and supporting staff

  65. BIT is going to start. All those stupid attempts to stop BIT was the attempt of a few.
    A friend of mine told me that mainly the Union of IT faculty is behind this. Majority of the IT fac. students don’t like their union and even the academic staff doesn’t support them. The thing is that unlike the other universities or faculties, students in IT faculty don’t want to be committee members of their union or even the union leader. Because they think that it is a waste of their time and useless. Even that’s why they even didn’t have a election to select members.

    A hand full of dumb idiots who are not able to show their colors in academic studies are voluntarily participate and elected to union without any competition. Most of the time those students are from rural areas who got low marks from AL and got selected thanks to district base selection system, although students from Colombo like areas are unable to get in even for 1A and 2B’s.

    So most of them are jealous about students from Colombo like areas.

    And internal students of IT faculty are fighting a war against these people. So I think it is our duty to help them and not to blame all the students in IT faculty.

  66. It’s not a bad thing to allow a open program like BIT to start in Moratuwa Campus.

    The internel students should not behave like non-professionals, they should just be competitive and act better than external students by doing the studies better.

  67. I’ve found out that the masterminds behind all of this has been suspended by the UoM.
    A friend of mine told me that these are the people who tried to bring politics to the UoM by sowing they are fighting against BIT. Some of them are ex-Union president Nayana, Lasantha Kumara, Manoj, Prasad,etc.
    And the important thing is that most of the students, even in their batch are very happy to hear that these people are suspended. Even some of them are looking forward if these ones are being suspended for ever. Because these people are not doing anything for them selves but also they are destroying the future of others too.
    According to my friend because of these people others have suffered a lot. Others were also gained low marks and also the whole batch was reputed because of one of these people has argued with a lecturer. And these are the people has put some anonymous posters blaming the lecturers.
    And also I’ve found out that the main thing is these people are a bunch of idiots who got very low marks for A/L and got selected to the most prestigious university in Sri Lanka thanks to the District based selection system. Since they can’t show their colors in their Academic’s they are trying to destroy the future of others too.
    So let’s hope that these son’s of bitches will gone for ever from the University System.

  68. I am a BIT@UCSC graduate, from a poor family, and out side from colombo. I did complete the course by self studying coz i had not that much money to spent those days. If there was not a program like BIT in UCSC, may be, I am not in this level today. I did read all the comments posted here. Acctually, its a great pleasure for me to read the comments that has written by people like Shafraz. And I am not going to talk about the comments that has written by those selfish, stupid, and narrow minded people because my blood is boiling when see their filthy words.

    Finally, i have a question, if this external program doesn’t harm full to them, why do these internal guys are opposing to this program this much?

    P.S:- As far as I am concerned, I have not any interest about this BIT@UOM program. I did wast my valuable time to write this because I love my country very much.

  69. Hi hiranth

    Doin BIT by self study is not a surprise thing..Coz more than 50% of people who are doing BIT@UCSC don’t go to classes.I’m relly appriciate about carrears (but idon’t know what kind of job you are currently doing).We aginst this BIT programme not because of you people will be a challange of us , but we have some internal issues to solve before starting an external programme.I know education is a fundamental rights of every one.If some one try to enjoy it while destroying the other’s rights then there is a problem….

    We are enjoying the benifits of free education and it is our duty to protect it for the future generaton also.Not knowing the things fully don’t issues statement like this ok..and as u mentioned don’t waste your valuable time.Be selfish and do your work.Don’t think about others..

  70. hey everyone, im an undergraduate student in FIT UOM. some of the comments on this blog are shockingly degrading. i was ashmed to see it was written by our fellow students. i hope it’s obvious to everyone that only a petty minority in the faculty would resort to this kind of disgraceful behaviour.

    protesting against BIT is all very well, but couldn’t you guys have done it in a slightly more professional way, WITHOUT insulting our lecturers and degarding the entire bloody faculty??? shame on you ppl!

    I, for one, dont have anything against this program and personally fail to see how it could possibly effect OUR studies. I invite someone to pls enlightn me on this point. FIT student, im very curious to hear what these INTERNAL ISSUES are that you are so concerned about, coz I am ceratinly not aware of any.

    for all the external BIT studets, i hope you all are not discouraged by this kind of crap, and i wish you all the very best in ur studies!

    • Another_undergaduate
    • Posted December 10, 2007 at 3:02 pm
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    Oh !… it seems u just fell from the sky.I’ve a doubt r u really from FIT or who is trying to dress like a FIT student.Anyway feel sorry bout guys like you.I’ve a doubt, r u the person who went to police(if u r from FIT u know da story behind it & no need to explain about that “hora police game”).

  71. FIT student, what are these INTERNAL ISSUES that you are so concerned about?

  72. Since they are internal issues i cant expose them to the web.If you start to do BIT you can feel them very quickly.Bye…..
    Good luck for your future investments in BIT.

  73. The issue is this: You are afraid to the challenges, because you know you are not that much cleaver. If this is not the truth please explain clearly what are the issues that you have. If you cant do this, it is ok, but stop barking like a dog.

    I know that, the majority of the internal students have no issues because they very clever. But unfortunately there is some few mad people like this…

  74. Hi janith…..
    Good news for u and ur friend.The people who has been suspended are
    now being released from their suspensions .So no worries.They are free now.Go and share your joy with ur friend.Bye……

  75. Hey guyz,
    When i ws surfing the web i found this blog.
    Hmm after lot of hot arguments…Be broadminded guyz
    U guyz think only the uni students should have the opportunity to continue their higher studies.How selfish all of u people??
    Be reaonable,according to Sri Lankan education system each n every student do not get the equal chances to enter a university and continue their studies.Be reasonable…
    Its true the FIT students get there after a huge dedication on their A/Ls. but guyz have u ever know??that some students couldn’t enter the university cause they lack few marks than u.So how could u guyz think u guyz are the super heros???
    They do too have the equal right to continue their education.
    Im not gonna comment on this topic anymore,But i must tell that BIT online degree is a massive opportunity for those people who do like to continue their higher education.As an external student i really enjoy that system tht’s a huge step towards Sri lankan education.
    I take this chance to thank all the people who gave us this opportunity.
    Finally guyz remember one thing,when ever u stepped into job market, they never ask u from which Uni u hav the degree?they require only the skills.
    So be reasonable and let the other people too share the education.

  76. Hi,
    I just saw the comments by Thanushika and FIT guys, Im from engineering fac of UoM and guess all you who oppose external degrees should get this straight:

    1) Who says those who win the scholarship education gets it free?

    We got this chance because of parents like that of Chanuka are paying for our education just imagine the millioins of bucks spent on our facilities, THIS MONEY DOESNT FALL FROM THE SKY COS WE DID OUR STUDIES WELL. Imagine how selfish if we would say we dont want your children to enter the job market coz we see them as a threat (This is what u guys are INDIRECTLY SAYING!).

    2) To say that you truely achieved more than those who didnt get to gov uni would mean that you would have to have gone through the same situations and hardships that others went through. Trust me I know how much facilities some chaps at our uni had during shooling times, there are lots of people from the “Big” schools and they dont always get in through clean procedures due to corruption and some smarter kids never get that good schooling opportunity (dont want to explain but im one of those kids).

    JUDGE FOR YOURSELVES GUYS arent you the stumbling block for the development for our country cos you are selfish, how many other countries such as India gained from liberalized education, we have high school leavers unemployed or underemployed when we can use them to open up new industries. How do you imagine India emerged in me medicine and IT fields?

    Ahh now I remember, how many of our seniors whoes education was payed for by the masses stayed back to atleast serve the country for a few years before going abroad? havent they left their obligations!!!

    Thanks to all who pay for our education and I pray that education will have more opportunities and bro Chanuka and everyone who were unlucky not to enter the gov unis no it isnt your fault, its cos our country doesnt have the resources as other developed countries. Dont be downhearted by what some selfish dudes are blabbering, go forward and may the Lord prosper you.

  77. @Anuradha
    Neatly sid pal, so neatly said :)

  78. HI guy…….
    now bit @ UOM was start. so dont afraid about External Student. both of us are in the same level for the IT industry. so study well. then no problem at all..

  79. Hi, I’s reading all these comments. Can’t understand y SL undergraduates are SO VIOLENT! :d Idiots, y don’t u realize when u jealous @ each other like dis, wat wil hapen 2 ur country?

  80. Ado UOM internal FIT nariyoooooooooo. math BIT graduate kenek. mamath Virtusa work karanne. apitth Internal Graduate kenek tama thiyena recognized thiyenawa. maath ekka internal Degree karapu ayath weda karanawa. eath duken hari kiyanna one metika. SLIIT graduates la thamai ape company eke inna weda kaaarayo. un ekka harennawath be. UOM Internal aya SLIIT issaraha kora wenawa mama dakala thiyenawa

  81. After seeing this comment by Namal, we the guys at Virtusa HR has taken the decision to give a special favor to graduates at SLIIT over all other private and government universities. Any way for thanks for point out this superiority we may consider to reward you in the future.

  82. @Namal
    You don’t seem to be an UoM student. How ever his comment badly affect SLIIT other than promoting SLIIT.

    @HR Manager
    Apparently the HR Manager of Virtusa is from UoM (He is commenting from

    Thanx everyone for providing jokes :P .

  83. Anyway, I am happy Chanux you understood Namals comment was a fake (at least a joke). I am worried a bit since it took more than a month for you to understand it but only two days for mine. May be it was too advanced as a joke or he didn’t use
    Any way keep smiling! this post ranks first in Google for bit@uom searches.

    • BIT first Batch
    • Posted September 29, 2008 at 8:59 pm
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    This degree is soo… interesting more than expected. And soo much tough. We are doing this without lectures, tution or any suport which FIT students have. So we have find every thing by our self. This good experience and we are much knowlagble than we expected. Any way we are waiting our results of 2nd semister.

  84. its pathetic da way most of u think. i never thot my fellow bro s an sis would b so narrow minded.rem u get ur education free thanx to those who pay their tax so whats wrong in them payin for their kids degree if they can afford to pay for other ppls kids.
    pl dont b selfish!!!!

  85. hey al u guys who are against BIT cmon man have some character will u!!!!! dont let down da rest of us by ur petty ideas……
    Jus bcos one gets in to uni it does not mean that person is smart, it would hav been plain luck….
    let the others share the same benefits dat v enjoy, only the big brains can reach da top na. so al those who wrote da filth u doubt ur capacities?????????????

  86. i need the minimum qualification of this course and the fee

  87. This comments are gone so dirty.
    So many bad words are used, come on man. there are
    thousands of books out there , and in the internet there
    are free video leactures freely download. So there is no
    point of hiding some knowledge.

    • Fit 2nd batch Student
    • Posted June 14, 2009 at 6:58 am
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    Do you think that that the BIT students(idiot ) recruit to our companies.

    • BIT 3rd batch student
    • Posted July 23, 2009 at 2:17 pm
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    No body can say that we are idiots.Coz,there are university lectures,Company managers,teachers and also university internal students are taking part to follow BIT @ UoM.
    That is because,This is the best IT degree programme which offers through online mode in Sri Lanka.

    As you discussed there’s nothing to so much to worry its easy to follow in online mode than talking.

    And we should thank to UoM for their service.

    On behalf of all the BIT students I invite you to come and join with us to identify the taste of BIT with out argivin.

    I only can say you (the people who argive’s with out knowing any thing about BIT) are the ” FULLY IDIOTS”

    Pls………….,come to the Chat after joining with BIT @ UoM.

  88. FIT@UOM is severely under staffed. There are almost no good lectures at FIT. You should seriously consider getting the degree at BIT@Colombo (UCSC). is fake. They have listed lectures who are on leave. Though FIT is the weakest Faculty at Moratuwa when it comes to staff quality it conducts 2 M. Sc. programs (or 3?) and 2 B. Sc. programs. (one internal and one external). Compare this with CSE which is a single department (FIT have I guess three) in the Engineering Faculty which caters the same amount of students (A better understanding can be gained through calculating the sum student * credits).
    Who says BIT@UOM is great? Just compare content at and the official sites. An empty outed site!
    I guess UoM should have a open eye on this.

  89. Hey any BIT or SLIIT guy tell…,Can you challenge to any UOM FIT guy or any UOM CSE guy ???? Now software field is not good.Many software people haven’t jobs.Specially SLIIT & BIT.But every UOM(CSE/IT) guys have big salary jobs.
    That is the truth.

    • Being a SLIIT student, I can’t even imagine how to challenge a bunch of people who are superior to us. We just keep doing this and just hope you guys will have some sympathy on us and spare some jobs for us :) . I mean Serously!

  90. hey SLIIT , BIT idiots ubalata degree 1ka aragena geadarata wela degree 1ka diha balagena thamai inna wenne.thopi thamai 10000,15000 salary walata gihilla mulu software industry 1kema nama katha kare.

  91. hello, suddenly i found this woeful thread. I really worry about some of fortunate university student’s ideas about
    other people knowledge and talent.

    first of all, I am a 3rd year BIT-UCSC student.( I could have completed it long time ago due to financial problems I couldn’t even register )

    BIT is such a great opportunity for people who is in IT industry to gain an academic qualification.

    Most of people I know in this stunning IT field are people who couldn’t enter university.

    Do u know guys why others couldn’t enter ? that because our country doesn’t have much money to give everyone a seat there at your universities.

    sometimes u guys may have taken 5 marks more than me or some other guy/gal , so does it say u have a superior talent than us.. no… there are people who study whole the day and stop every other work and just concern about study so they may get good marks.

    what if they give same problems, same lighting they definitely struggle a lot.

    I have no doubt when u come to the field u may understand.

    world is so gig my brothers……….

    wake up u guys are in a well

    garage workers also has some specific knowledge try to respect people, try to do the best and effective things.

    Wish you all a bright future!!!!!!!!!

  92. HEY guys im going to do bit at UCSC please tell of about it. is bit at UCSC is worth doing. will i be able to get a good job after completing the degree.

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