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What does your favorite toothpaste do for you? Toughens teeth,fights decay & make your teeth dazzling…..& so on. Is that all it can do?
  Don’t be hurry to say Yep! It goes further more. It’s a paste of candy for kids….but it also not the fact I’m gonna talk about. Just read further If you are happy to squeeze your tube of toothpaste on somewhere other than the Tooth Brush ;-)

 In this very evening I found a CD which Asa & Naya gave to me. There were nasty scratches on the CD & I can remember that I threw it somewhere I don’t look frequently (under my bed :-) ) . As I found that CD RW this evening I thought I’d better test my luck & give the CD another chance to rest in my CD pack ( Damn..I don’t have a CD RW these days). Hey don’t go away….I’m still on the topic….If you guess I’m not.

I tried burning some garbge on to the CD. It works but damn too slow & full of errors. Mmmh What can I do with this? give away to a trishaw guy & he’ll use it to decorate his vehicle….. But It’s not completely dead yet. Ah :idea: I can remember a trick which I read on a magazine.
It said that we can use Toothpaste to get the dead CDs back in life….Better I try it this time…nothing to loose….It’s not my CD ;-) .

Here’s the little How to

you need :
A dead CD (due to scratches etc.) / your favorite toothpaste / a cup of water / a piece of   cotton wool


  1. get some toothpaste on to a piece of cotton.
  2. Apply & wipe out toothpaste on the (record side :-) ) dead CD in formation of sunrays ( o->) [ from inside edge to out side edge]
  3. After  applying toothpaste all over the  record  side,  soak the  cotton  wool  in  water  &  wash away  toothpaste.
  4. Repeat  the  steps  above  if necessary  until  you  see  relatively  clean  surface.
  5. wipe out each drop of water on CD & get CD extremely dry.
  6. You may now check the CD & probably have relatively good results.

 Do this at your own risk!!!. I’m not responsible of any damage of your CD/Data due to the cleaning procedure. I’ve tried & having better results than throwing the CD away.

This trick would be applied well if you have precious data on a scratched CD & you are about to throw it away crying ;-)

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