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Huh!!! ar last I found it. The post to blog software which makes my blogging experience easier. Did u read ma last post on Flock & are u a big big Firy lover like me?. If so this is the blog post you were waiting for. I found the performancing Firefox extension here which I’m using now to type this post. WOw It’s great. I think It’s better than Flocks blogging facility. I don’t say Flocks thing is BAD. But as a Firy lover this is the thing for me. Just try it out now & don’t forget to comment me :-).

I might cover another post on Performancing in near future. For now I’ll say that you can post to almost all the popular blogging services with it.

Also don’t forget to try these Firefox extensions.
Down Them All

powered by performancing firefox

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  1. The Flock editor hasn’t a lot of features. I use performancing with Flock.

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