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FiryI’m in love. Yes I’m in love. I’ve fallen in love with a software not a gal. You may guess what the software is, if you were being reading my blog for sometime. Errr…. I’ve heard of love between a man & a software once before & that was between Adam Pash the Lifehacker Associate editor & AmaroK a multimedia player for Linux. But you know that it’s not my case : get hint reading THIS.
Okay I’ll tell you who I am in love with…..Firy…. the browser Firefox. If you’ve read ‘Hail Firefox’, my earlier blog post; you know that I’ve never gone back ever since I installed Firy.

I love Firy coz……

  • It’s sooo simple & I find the peace in my mind with it.
  • I can configure it to suit all my needs.
  • It has a big nice community behind.
  • with Firy; I get more than I’ve expected from a browser .
  • Specially those extensions I can intergrate in to it
  • It makes my browsing experience & whole life a………… you know…….

I never thought of a new theme for Firy as It is simply the best for me. But yesterday I downloaded macfox which I thought “it’ll do something for me”. I declare that Firy has soooo many eye candy themes If you deserve.

‘Firefox Extensions’ is something soooo nize & helpful in optimizing the browser experience. once I downloaded an extension (.xpi file) I can use it in windoze,Linux & mac (I don have a mac ;-) ) wow it’s great. I use some very useful extensions which I found recently.

  • extension for Firefox takes my account closer to me.
  • Tab Mix Plus makes my Tabbed browsing experience easier & toughens the love between me & Firy.
  • Down Them All is a nize download manager which is so simple & loving (of course it’s living right inside Firy) .
  • Fasterfox makes it even more faster when I surf, loading web sites faster.
  • Google Browser Sync stores my Bookmarks,password,cookies,sessions & stuff on my Gmail space (I only sync bookmarks ;-) )
  • There’s Foxmarks If you wanna put your Bookmarks (only bookmarks) in the sky ;-)
  • I use SAGE for RSS,Atom Aggregating.
  • I type all these offline & post later with Performancing

If you have sweet experiences with some other Firefox extensions please let me know. Also comment on the goods & bads of these extension & your ideas of these stuff. I appreciate it a lot :-)

Mentioned above are not all the extentions Firy has, Just hit THIS & find out what you want.

I can’t even think about a better browser other than Firy, my love. It is worth a million as it is Free & Open Source.

If I can find a gal like Firy [Beautiful,simple,cute,sexy,Highly customizable, lovely, Oh I got RSI…] oh … she’ll be my fiancee…I swear.

Are you a Firian? Aren’t you….oh…Just try it…this is the best time.Just check the right hand side of this blog & find Link-A-Mania. There’s a link worth a click – Take back the web.

Wanna take a version of Firy on ya precious USB flash drive, where ever you go ? Hit THIS. There’s a lot of nize Portable stuff :-) just check it once.

Find more to power up Firy @ Lifehacker

I’m not responsible for the content of the linked sites. Whatever you do to your system while hacking around with the stuff I’ve explained is matter of your knowledge/ability/system. I’m not responsible for your deeds. I’ve done all mentioned things on my system & I’m still alive with a running system.

[ Firy (fy-re) = Firefox Firian (fy-re-yan) = Firefox lover | Proudly; I made these for my ease of use – Use this any where you wish.It’s Free & Open for use ;-) ]

Feel Free to Comment your thoughts. Wanna phlame me? just go ahead.

One Comment

  1. I use the Flock browser (photobucket version). It has a lot of features built in. It had to be good as I used Firefox before I changed to Flock.


    There’s more to browsers than the only that came pre-installed. FireFox and Flock are two worthwhile examples.

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