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Huh! at last I got my results. I’ve failed this time too. I don’t know what happened. I just can’t imagine what’s going on & what should I do next :mad: . First of all check what’ve I done…..


Index number – *CJ wanted me to erase this*

Chemistry- S

Physics -C

Combined maths – C

District Rank – 219

Island Rank – 6634

Z-Score – 0.6512


Hmm, that’s it. There’s no possibility of stepping out of this hell ( at least for me). I dunno what to do next. Parents,Teachers,friends & all the other says that I should repeat the exam. There are nearly 8 months for the exam in 2007. But the problem is this; I did hardly hard stuff for the exam last time & got this result. I can’t even think what to do next.I can’t do things any harder than before. It’s so ugly & tiresome doing those rusty old stuff, bearing the burden & being away of my loving computer. Now I’m more & more computer addicted than I’ve ever been before.

However the forcing become harder & harder & harder. I also feel unsafe of ma future even I do or don’t repeat the exam. If you have read my very first blog posts & so on, you may have noticed that It was so hard to achieve things in my life. That’s the ultimate truth of my life; So hard to achieve things.

So after an everest like thinking process I decided to do that F*ck again. It was not so easy to get that decision. My heart didn’t like it & still don’t (when I type this). However I don’t do things which my heart wants me to do. I just do what my brain orders me to do, no matter what the result is, may be a disaster, no matter at all. But I believe that my brainy won’t put me on the wrong track (& also my parents & teachers).

As I’m a ‘wanna be hacker ‘ I must do well ,whatever I do. So that’s it! I’m doing the exam again & get the hell outta it. I won’t be able to update this….My sweet blog. I have to hibernate my NET life. That’s one thing I have to die for. I’ll have to completely stay away from the computer.

Oh I feel like hell when I think about these things. I better let things just happen. I’ll try to do a post at least for a month.

Ah… forgot CJ, Roudy & my other friends. CJ’s result is something better than mine, but I’m not gonna publish it as it’s not mine. ASA ,Naya & Roudy are having really bad time. I guess all my friends will repeat the exam in order to be the ONES. Kish has decided to go ahead with whatever he has. Knazki is not having big improvement. Dilfi & Mila the pretty cool is doing some IT stuff at SLITT. Samith, I’ve never mentioned before is also gonna repeat. This is the summary of the thing Ah sudoo the alcohol hero is same as mine,yuhoo.

I have to congratulate Susantha & Damith who’d fly forward with happy wings. Nice work guys…rip the best outta your lives.

Okay guys time to say bye. Let’s try to dig the harsh ground & get those diomands out. Try hard to hack your own life & rip the best outta it.

I won’t post after this month & until September 2007. I’ll be for some little more time before I hibernate my net life :-) .

BYE for now.

PS –

ddgihan a good yahoo friend of mine says-

“Exam is a gamble, jsut play it win it & someday…..CHANGE it!”


  1. Hey you don’t want to take ma permission to publish ma results buddy!
    Ok anyway i’ll tell ma result of A/L

    Physics – B (recorrection pending coz i’m too good)
    Maths – C (recorrection pending coz same as Phy)
    Chemistry- S (Thank God! This is more than enough)


  2. hay stupid it s me, dont do things against your heart, u dont u do that SLIT thing. if i am going to be selected to the uni or not i m goin to do external. y waste ur precious tyme.

  3. Hey Bonz, I’ve decided & that’s it. I’ll do that once & forever.Let’s try the luck.Did you mean SLIIT? that’s not my life.seeya.

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