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It’s 12:16PM 10/5/2006 now & I heard still the results are not on. the news bulletin said that A/L results will be available by 12:30 this eve for schools around Colombo. It will be on the web later in the eve as the principals wanted the results before the NET. It seems a good thing coz students have to pay some extra bucks in order to check their results online. Good for communication centers + ISPs but the poor students & their parents (I’m not talking about the people who have easy Internet access )

But It’s clear that the affected portion is still affected coz it’ll surely take couple of days for results to reach rural schools as snail mail is still don’t use jet engines. Sometimes the commissioner will be so fair to send them by Email :lol: .
Authority is always trying new foolish illusions to cover their own a**e*. But it’s the time or them to realize that the rest of the world is not fools like them to be fooled.

Here’s the result sheet of DOESL (Department of Examinations Sri Lanaka.
Responsibility – F
Honesty -F
dumbness -A
Hu…Hoooooooo!! It’s hilarious. Poor commissioner has another problem & it will occur a delay of A/L results *until 6:30 PM today. (Now the time is exactly 4:00PM)
news bulletin at 3:55 said that the commissioner has declared that the A/L results would be delayed *until 6:30 PM this eve due to an “electric circuit breakdown” in DOE.
It’s really strange, why is it always the DOE & why does it happen in this kind of special event?.
It must be the bad time of the commissioner or may be the bad brand name of his watch :lol: .

*Here this doesn’t mean what it does in the Dictionary :lol:
Is it possible another delay before I post this (after 10:00PM) ?
Why not? we’re dealing with the DOE-SL Huh! :lol:
Yeah, the thing is getting seriously hilarious. Now the time is exactly 7:25PM. CJ called me & said that the results won’t be available *until 10:00PM.This time, another reason – The poor computers. I think the computer is some outdated equipment for the DOESL. The computer engineers must think about some substitute for the computer ,DOE is not the NASA to use those damn stupid computers. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I think this this post will be so long, but I wish not to happen such thing.
By the by now I believe there are some real problems. If not they won’t do these postponing…they know It’s hell too much.
Huh! the news telecast at 10:00PM said that the results would be on the DOE official web site by 10:30. Now the time is 11:56 & still it isn’t there.
What can you say……….?


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