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Heh….Heh… :lol: Heh….:lol:

I checked the DOE (Department of Examinations- Sri Lanka) official web site at 12:15AM 10/5/2006, A little while ago. I still can’t see A/L 2006 results on the site. The Commissioner Mr.Anura Edirisinghe & staff has once again proved that they are not the suitable people for their respective :lol: posts. It’s possible making mistakes & delays as they also are ‘human beings’. But this is too much. A government department lying people…nice thing is that they can’t even lie cleverly.

See a media report HERE saying that results would come today after postponing couple of days before.

There are always nice reasons for those damn delays. But as a government department they should be responsible & clean when making statements. They confirm & fail ,confirm once again & fail ….at last the thing happens because it should be.

As I ‘learn from the past’ my advice to the A/L students (my friends) is not to believe the authority. Just let it happen, like me :-) .

At last **It’s a shame**.

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