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Here I am on CJs Butterfly….. far from CJ. I had to come here at grandmas house as there is no one here to stay with her. I came here this morning from CJs home after attending Ven.Ilgos lovely Linux class, yesterday. CJ was kind enough to let me take this(his laptop) here along with me. [Thanx CJ- A big one :-) ]. If I didn’t have this I’d die with loneliness even there is Attamma (grandma) with me.

CJs butterfly is now like a portable library as ‘apae hamuduruvo’ (Ven.Ilgo) gave us all the ebook libraries he has which goes in step with our heartbeats. *wow* it’s smashing. I’m not gonna drive myself into problems trying to mention all the categories included in that massive knowledge center, but I’ll just mention a couple of them. Linux, Computer technology, programming, mathematics, science etc. Even our list grows longer, still we are missing alot of stuff from hamuduruvos library.

After I landed here & switched the machine in to life I started reading a how to on LFS(Linux From Scratch). Wow it seems like a really interesting exercise to do. I’ll surely do that right after I remaster knoppix & recompiling the Linux kernel myself. Hamuduruvo cleared the way into remastering knoppix & I got some howtos on kernel compiling. with everything which hamuduruvo gave us I think I’ll be victorious at last. .. What did you say?…. Problems? ..ah it’s damn okay. I know that I’m gonna have an everest of problems with all these stuff ;-). But remember that problems drive you in to Hacks :-) . I’ve learnt from the past, at least in this case ;-) .

Before I start typing this text I were reading some ‘in depth stories’ of linux kernel. The tutorial went deep in to the technical side, It was nice …I still havel finished only a 25% outta the whole thing.


It’s almost the eve now. I’m still living without any mental diseases even after being almost alone & Struggling in my mind to draw a picture of my future after the exam results. Frustration grows while the clock ticks forward. I fell like my free & irresponsible life style is in jeopardy. I don’t know why the hell I’m so upset, Didn’t I do well in the exam?. Damn I can’t remember anything at all :mad: . I wish if I was blogging those days. If so I could check ma blog post & find what happened.

My next post would probably spit out what happened to me & ma Evil Twin, CJ Ah & Udana & whole lot of ma friends.

Good bye until the judgment day [CJ calls it the judgment day] or maybe …………Whatever. :shock:

I used Abiword portable to type this post & saved it as .doc file in order to open with M.S.Word. I found that the file was amazingly small (3KB). But in Word I put one line & the file became 6KB. I just can’t believe this. >Any :idea: <

The smallest blog post I’ve created weighs 21KB & it contains 1785 characters with spaces. But the one I made with abiword weighs just 7KB including 3024 characters with spaces after I put this paragraph with MSWord.

Find ‘Abiword portable’ HERE. It’s FOSS.


PS- Damn the file created with abiword is even smaller than a Rich text document (.rtf) which is smaller than an MS Word document (.doc). Remember I told you that I saved the Abiword file as .doc 1? This is Mag-never-seen.


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