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After CJ took his 40GB HDD back I installed Knoppix Linux on my hard drive. It was a hard thing finding space in my HDD filled with garbage. However after wrestling nearly 2-3 hours with my mind & machine I got freed enough room for knoppix. Even I got Ubuntu,Kubuntu,mepis & even xubuntu (from TLC) I decided to try konppix as I’ve never done that before. I got knoppix 5.1.1 from TLC when I went there for that FSD event.

Ven.Ilgo & some other Linux savvy ppl told me that knoppix has great hardware detection. It’s a major reason for installing it even it’s well known as a live CD version. You know I got terrible problems with my modem which is built in my CDMA phone. None of the linux version I tried before didn’t gave me Internet connectivity as I got driver problems with ma modem. Huh.

After booting from knoppix live CD I typed knx2hd in konsole. It started a nice almost user friendly installation. Once I tried installing grub on to root partition but this time I was unable to boot knoppix. I think I must have a bootable floppy to do it this way. >anyone have :idea: ? <

After an unbootable installation I had to go through the installation process once again after a fruitless effort of booting HD installation with knoppix CD. At last I got a running Linux system on ma HDD. I plugged my modem in & configured an Internet connection. Tried knoppix /dev/modem connection setup – failed. Tried /dev/ttyS1 as I found somewhere that It is possible using this option if I install my modem on com2 in windoze. After ending things up with nothing I tried /dev/ ttyusb1. BUD told me to try this but it also did nothing but going some steps forward. With ttyusb1 It starts dialing but I couldn’t see any reaction from the phone. However the thing ends up with some error of PPPD. > anyone have :idea: ?<

At last I gave up once again guessing I’d have to do some kernel recompiling as Bud’s final opinion. In this case my mind is in a dilemma deciding what do; hate my phone, hate Linux or love my phone & windoze ?. What’s the best option?

If there’s anyone who can help me, these D-tales will help him (her?)

>I install my modem on windoze as standard 33600bps modem.

>My Internet connection says that it supports 115200kbps.

>I plug my modem in to com1/com2 port (in windoze language).Actually the serial port.

>With /dev/ttyusb1 I go some further & get an error about pppd.

>I remember that I had same results with ttys1 when I was in kubuntu (not so sure about this)

after the modem problems I found that I couldn’t write on to any HD partition. But I found I can write in my home directory. My NTFS volume cannot be mounted dmesg | tail says cannot find ext3 file system on /dev/hda1.Damn.. my hda1 is NTFS. I tried changing fstab as I have good practice & experience with it . But I didn’t get anything.

In case of the inability of writing to my hard drives I tried changing read write rights. But the results were same as above.

However the overall is Linux is still not serving for me as ma OS of day to day use. No matter how powerful It is, It’s still unable to be the first even after a lot of hardwork. I just wrote this to free the burden in my mind. Hey .. I’m typing this in Linux (Open Office) So in order to put this on the net I have to take it in to good old windoze & here comes more headaches… I can’t write on to my win partitions or even to lin partition. This is a big bad damn F’n Joke. Sh*t F*ck it @#!@@#%$#@!#$%$#

I think It’s my stupidity, the reason for all these things.

PS- Huh….at last….I’m on windoze with my blog post. It took me nearly hundreds of keystrokes hit inside Linux console to get this here. Linux it is….


  1. :) Newbie frustrations! As for your modem problem, plug in your USB cable of the phone after you boot to Knoppix and then open a terminal window and type dmesg. If it detected it correctly you should be able to see towards the end of the message log your modem device. You don’t need to guess the device.

    Did you read

  2. Oh no BUD. U got me all wrong.I did each & everything b4. I did this post after every solution seemed fruitless with me. Since it’s not a USB one but a serial one I think I’d have to work harder to get it in to life.
    However I’m not a complete newbie Coz I’m a fast learner. thx BUD
    ah I read ya blog post on lkbell 4 times.

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