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Q1- Why do you do all these stuff? What’s the cash?
A – Because we got a lot of things from the FOSS community .So all we wanna do is
give something back to the community. You’ll find what this attitude is as you
become a FOSS lover. So don’t wait, Just get your feet weet.

Q2- Why is this free?
A – Because it’s FOSS, Free & Open Source Software. It’s just free.

Q2- Is this a beta version? Do we have to pay for the real thing?
A – Absolutely NO & never. You get the original thing with these free Ubuntu,Kubuntu
& Xubuntu CDs.

Q3- Is Linux virus free?
A – Err…I’ll say yes. This is a bit complicated thing. You’ll learn about this as you really get in to the FOSS/Linux world. I guarantee your safety until then.

Q4- Is it difficult to learn Linux? I heard that there are lots of codes to remember to work
in Linux.
A – Bullsh*t. Ah sorry….That’s wrong. Thousands of people who contributed the
community has made Linux a far user friendly OS in past few years. You have to
remember some codes to get the maximum outta Linux & to make things more easy
(& nice) sometimes. It’s not hard learning the codes/commands. It’s a piece of cake once you are in the real thing. However don’t eat that piece of cake :-) .

A – I think you don’t have any question.


also chk buds blog posts on the event.

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