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Err….It’s coming at last. I’m talking about the results of A/L 2006. It is too late & I’m tired of waiting. Even it’s said that the results would be out on 30th Sep; I’m not gonna be ready for the day coz it’s said by Department Of Examinations, Sri Lanka OFFICIALLY. As the DOE SL is the best official liar in Sri Lanka, It’s always good not believing them.

I have no Idea of the upcoming results as I can’t get a clear picture of the exam days in my mind. I can remember that I was happy with the way I did it, for couple of weeks from exam. But now I feel unsure about everything. Nothing is impossible as I got a capital W for chemistry, which was my favorite & mostly hard worked subject last time. I don’t like or believe that result even the recorrection didn’t make any change. It was controversial, the results last time & department answered it in a real fair & Ideal way (F*ck it!!!).

However I think It will hit the ground before next year as the department say ‘You’ll get it on 30th Sep.’ Even it doesn’t come in this year I can believe at least I can get to know about my results, someday in my lifetime.

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