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I heard the alarm at 5am but I was not ready to get up. However it was Ruwan called us to get up after sometime. After those should be done morning stuff Ven.Metta CJ & I got the bus to Crescat. There we met another luger, he was a nice guy but… damn I can’t remember his name…Err maybe Nasrin.

BUD came with banners, handouts, CDs & stuff. Nasri me & those guys came with computers stayed at Crescat. Ven.Metta, BU & CJ went to MC. We the Crescat people were busy with setting up the location. By the time there were some people who came to visit us, so Nasri & I had some hard time with installing, setting up & describing Linux/FOSS to the visitors. After sometime Nasri & I got company from lug & they were doing the stuff well.

People who were doing the thing in MC came back to Crescat as they were kicked outta the place by MC authority [This was the software freedom day; not the universal freedom day :-) ] However the event at Crescat grew far better after we got more people, Banners & stuff. In the mean time there was another plan to do something at Excelworld. Even the master plan had included an event at Excelworld, lug ppl had to cancel it as they were asked forr big Cash. So finally the decision was to go there & wait for the people who come to visit us at EW. So Ven.Metta, CJ, I two guys & a girl from Gurukula went to EW. There we had the lunch [not me & ven.Metta] & later got 3 more guys for the company. We were talking & giving away free CDs for the people at EW. But we got problems from the security guys [CJ faced the thing] . We had to wait for the authority to get permission. Two of our guys went to talk to the authority. Time ran, we were waiting, but there was no sign of our friends. CJ & I went out to find out our friends & get them free after some live action if they were in trouble :lol: . We found the NICs of our friends at the counter.

We went to hamuduruvo [ven.Metta] with breaking news. Hamuduruvo said that we’ll get possibly a positive answer as our guys are late. “ It takes no time to say NO, but it takes some time to say YES”. Hamuduruvo was right. We got a positive feedback. Hurray. We are allowed to do our job at our will & in the Karaoke night at EW we will be promoted. Nice haan? At last we won thanx to BUD and surely the EW authority. Ah.. Specially those Guys who were brave enough to talk to the EW big guys [nice work APIIT guys (don’t know their names)] .

Ven Metta & too of us came back to Bambalapitiya to visit some computer shops at MC & unity plaza & give some CDs to distribute free. After that we went to Crescat again. Crescat lobby is crowded with people who came to visit us. Our guys were busy talking to visitors.

Hamuduruvo, CJ & I went back to EW. The Gurukula guy who was alone at the EW was waiting for us. After some pieces of Potato chips Suchetha ayya [Suchetha Wijenayake] joined with us coming straight from the airport after his tour in Singapore. Suchetha was freezing [Very Cool] & changed a lot from early ITtimes picture.

We started arranging some tables for the event at the eve. Bud & the crew from Crescat came with the stuff after sometime. The time then was really busy setting up things. At last the time came. We started the thing after the official announcement. [thanx EW ppl for being kind to announce the event; Hey BUD did you pay for this?]

The time until midnight was rally busy. We got a great audience for the free CDs & stuff. Especially the young crowd was really interested in the thing as it should be & it always is. The massive response made us happy & proved that the effort was worth the sweat.

After packing things up CJ & I got up in BUDs car to go TLC.

My comments on the whole thing.

Aah it was so nice & specially was a whole lot of experience. Most of the guys & the girl I met were really cool & friendly. And also the ppl I’ve talked to were so friendly too. Specially Ven.Metta, BUD, Nasrin(?), Suchetha & that guy who I can’t remember the name were So good. I appreciate everything you did.

Overall- I love each & every Minute of the thing. That’s it!


  1. Hi Chanux,
    By this time u would have got my name right :D
    I accidently came across your blog.. Good job. Keep it up. You did a great job the other day when we had to get things setup and also during the whole course of the day. I’m really glad to see youngsters like you taking part in such events and blogging here as well ;) Keep in touch..

  2. Yes the EW thing worked out great and we got to party on to the night :) I think we (LSF) got the bill yesterday as agreed. LSF will take care of payments.

  3. Great website, it was actually quite real helpful.

  4. de, – Sunday, February 22, 2004 at 11:47:29 (PST)

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