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Here I’m typing ma blog after a long time. Even blogging is something I really I love, this time I’m not worried about this delay. The reason for this delay is something really nice.

Can you remember that I told you about Software freedoms day? That’s it, the sweet reason for ma delay. It was 16th of September the Software freedoms day which was a global event. I myself & CJ had the opportunity to participate in the event (actually events) held by LKLUG [lanka linux users group]

It’s somewhat strange how I became a part of lklug.Remember that I told you about someone named Buddhika Siddhisena – BUD. While I chat him in Y messenger asked me to join the ADVOCACY, the mailing list of LKLUG which is meant to be the official way to be an LKLUGer.

BUD asked me to join with them to celebrate the software freedom day. CJ, ASA, NAYA & I were planning to be there on 15th Friday in order to spread the word.

CJ & I went to Asa-Nayas palce in the eve of 14th. On the morning of 15th , unfortunately Asa was terribly ill & Asa & Naya had to stay home.

As bud said CJ & I approached MC sharp at 10am. Epsi people were setting up the place.

Time flew away as CJ & I window-shopped around MC. After we came back to the MC lobby there’s was no sign of any Linux or FOSS thing. I sent an SMS to bud, bud replied with the number of Ven.Mettavihari.

There was no one to answer the phone when I called Ven.Metta. Again SMSed BUD & this time he gave the number of TLC [The Linux Center –Nugegoda] . After asking the way to TLC from the TLC guy, we set foot outta MC & got the bus to TLC. On the way TLC BUD called again BUD called me & asked me to come back to MC & join with him.

Huh! Found BUD at MC Lobby, he was really changed by his own picture in ITtimes.

BUD introduced us to EPSI guys & went home to finish the stuff for the next day. CJ & I had to describe what FOSS & Linux is, to the ppl who come the place. Later on Ven.Metta came to the place with some nice brochures on the event next day. CJ & I finished all the brochures we got After walking few miles around MC :-) .

In the eve BUD came & took us to TLC where we had to spend the night at. Ah… BUD kindly spent for our dinner at KFC. Thanx BUD, it was nice & fulfilling :-) .

After a cool wash at TLC we finished some stuff for the next day with Ven.Metta, BUD & Ruwan the TLC guy.

Slept at 1.30am thinking of the big things we have to do a bit later in the very morning.

It was not a good sleep as my legs were killing me as I was standing up whole day.


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  1. I actually went to work.. not home and started working on the Ubuntu companion CD. Thats why I got late coming back to pick you guys.

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