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After CJ got his desktop machine back, I gave him back his RAM chip & HDD ( thanx again CJ) Now I’m back with my beast which don’t have a golden bell around the neck. I gotta install a Linux version on ma HDD itself.

Today I & CJ went to Asa & Nayas’ place. The whole day was so FUN. Asa – Naya thanx for the great treatments specially those burgers & Ice Cream :-p , It was relly nice. We burnt Debian sarge on to 2 DVDs with Asa & Nayas DVD burner.

This night is gonna ‘party like it’s ya birthday’ as CJ is back in the matrix :-) . Asa , Naya ,CJ & I myself are gonna meet at Yahoo messenger. It would be real fun. I’m waiting for that moment. Kuk Ku KooL!!!

Hey It’s software freedom’s day next 16th Saturday. Bud asked me to visit them at Majestic city, Crescat or Excel World. We are planning to go there & have some real fun with some food for knowledge. However I don’t have proper shoes to wear. That’s a real problem. I should have good look at places like that. It’s too late to start something like Million Dollar hompage. Did you know that Alex Tew started that Million Dollar homepage to cover his university fees & buy some good SOCKS?. I don’t have enough time to do such thing as I got just 6 days left :-) . However I should think about this later :roll: .

Hamuduruvo[my Linux guru ven.Ilgo thero] is going to celebrate software freedom’s day at university of Peradeniya as he got full day internet access there. While hamuduruvo is at Peradeniya I’m planning to have a two 2-3 day visit at Asa & Nayas.

Oh forgot to tell you that Sudu [buddhika (not BUD)] has come here with miyuru. Unfortunately I missed the luck. Something strange is happening in the background. Wanna meet you SUDU!!!. May be that software freedom’s day would do the change. Let’s hope so.

Hope the coming days will have nothing to worry but to be happy. Time decides what would come next. So we should be ready to face anything which time gives us. So get ready to face the future.

Until the next post- BYE.

Hack It!

>More about Software Freedoms day []

>Wanna be a Hacker? Hit this. BUD gave this link



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