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I got something to tell you. If you had any bad feeling about kubuntu reading this will make some change. From ma 2nd last post I said that I have to mount my windoze partitions manually. I thaink I got that problem as I installed kubuntu in a really separate HDD. While I install I unplugged the drive which contains the windoze installation. So Linux never recognized that he got company :-) . It’s my fault, I messed up things & shouted about that. Sorry!!!

However once I installed Kubuntu with both HDDs plugged. Then Kubuntu identified windoze things went on. But when I try to boot from Lin installed drive failed. Then I tried booting by other drive once again failed. Neither Linux nor windoze loaded. Don’t know what happened, maybe a trouble of MBR (Master Boot Record)

You will have that amazing 10 mins installation of Kubuntu only if you give a whole drive & selected auto partition.

Remember that even after these re corrections there are things you still should think about. Kubuntu is depending on internet very much & missing some parts (c compiler etc). If you are some one who always trying to hack things, you’ll drive in to problems (mostly). However if you are kinda that you’ll find answers as well :-) .


I got Debian sarge frm my Linux Guru Ven.Ilgo thero. He gave it to me (& CJ) after splitting two DVDs to fit in 14 CDs. I had to put them together & make the iso image. It was really easy & FUN to do. Burnt Sarge on to DVDs at Asa & Nayas, & I’m gonna try Debian Sarge (stable) which has got 14000 sftwares inside, in the near future.

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