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Hi Friendz! I Think I had the biggest delay ever between my blog posts this time. I had a bit busy 2-3 days. That’s why I was unable to update this. I didn’t even surf those days okay!. Do you know, I’m typing this in an Open Office window in ma Kubuntu Installation? I still can’t configure my modem in Kubuntu so I have to go in to good old windows for surfing.

Soooooooooh I got a lot little stuff to tell ya. Remember that bhikku I told you about by ma last post?. Now I & CJ are students of him. He’s teaching us Linux. It’s a great experience, I must say that. My Linux Guru is a Swiss Bhikku who’ve been in Germany for ten years. He has been a Bhikku for 14 years. His Buddhist name is Ilgo. He shows us every nook & corner in Linux. Actually a he is really a cool……Errrr…How can I say that…I don’t know how to say that, but I know that you know what I’m talking about.

I love & respect my master a lot. He has given us a lot of things which will be very helpful in learning Linux & Computing. I will never go this far alone in Linux in this short time. All the credits are going to venerable thero who made me in to this Linux savvy kid. Hamuduruvo[Bhikku] gave us a lot of e books which are really useful for us, we can learn more stuff alone with them.

I tried emulating in my mind, the last day of our Linux Class (literally). Oh It’s really difficult even to think about. Once he is gone ( ven.Ilgo thero) & that’s forever :-( . We’ll never see him again. It’s a real heartache. Better let the mighty TIME do the thing.

I love each & every second of the class. That’s all I got to tell about that. See You baybe.

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  1. […] Even Sri Lankan Buddhists say that ‘Nirmala’ [pure] Buddhism is in Sri Lanka I don’t think it’s true. I cheated my mind believing that until my Linux guru venerable Ilgo thero [1] [2] put sun rays of truth on dark sides of mind. He says that ‘in Sri Lanka bhikku does only preeching paritta & doing sermons.So they have no time or do not try to find real truth which Buddhism try to uncover’. He believes that the core of Buddhism is related to meditation & improving the minds abilities to understand the ultimate truth of this universe.(Damn.. It’s so difficult to convert my mind in to words.) […]

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