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Err… Kubuntu Linux, It’s quite a great looking OS, specially a Linux one. I love each pixel of my Kubuntu view. However It has got it’s pros & cons / ups & downs. However it’ll really touch a big mass of ordinary computer users than any other Linux distro. It has that much polished user friendly environment.

However there are some bad experiences I had with Kubuntu. Sometimes an average user will never face any of them, I guess. As I’m a hardcore Hack maniac I drive myself into some not so serious problems but I must say that there was always my Linux guru (Ven. Ilgo thero) behind me.

Kubuntu never let the user to use the GUI as ROOT unlike MEPIS I’ve used earlier. I cannot mount my windoze partitions as a normal user. What does it mean? You’ll never mount your windoze partition until you learn how to do that with Terminal/Console/Text mode. It’s not a hard thing mounting drives manually if we have to do this for once or twice, This thing getting harder as we use Kubuntu Linux frequently. There’s another problem I always thinking of, if a normal user can’t mount windoze partitions & also the root can’t get a GUI, why there is a mount option in GUI. This is an utter for me.

However I should say, beside those little problems Kubuntu is the best distro for newcomers. It needs a good internet connection to be up to date & get needed softwares. It’s something bad as I’m a Sri lankan. I don’t have a cheap speed enough internet connection to get things outta net.


At last if you are a newcomer to Linux It’s the best option installing Kubuntu. The default installation finishes itself in a jiffy. You won’t believe your own bu** If you have installed windoze, before you do it with Kubuntu.

It has nice set of softwares included & installed in that jiffy. Default installation includes almost everything for an average user. If you have any problem just go to your home directory & you’ll find a folder named examples. There’s the official Ubuntu book which includes answers for most pf your questions on Kubuntu Linux. If you need more there’s a big community out there waiting for your help.

I can feel the power of Linux. Just try feeling it.

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