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I went to CJs, the day before yesterday. CJ has installed Ubuntu Linux on his Butterfly [laptop]. As it is too slow we tried installing Red Hat Linux. It’s just good.

These days I’m learning more on working in Linux Terminal. Wow it’s always very cool learning, testing & hacking around.

CJ has gone to meet a bhikku who came here to meditate, from Switzerland. The best thing about him is, he is a Linux master. Venerable thero is using Debian Linux which comes in two DVDs. Debian has got almost everything included. We’d better go to him for some tutorials.


CJ has tried installing Knoppix on to his butterfly. I found a how to on installing Knoppix at babytux, done by BUD. It’ll help CJ go. Knoppix is a good live CD version of Linux which can be installed on to HDD. The best thing of Knoppix is using low resources. I got Knoppix 3.7 thanx to Early ITtimes crew + lklug ppl.


Babytux is a good helpful site for Linux new comers done by BUD & crew. Just Hit it & find the way in to Linux. You’ll find how linux got TUX (that penguin) as its logo & how TUX got his name.


Last night I signed up for my Wiki page at Jotspot. I was eager try out Wiki & that’s why I did it. Jotspot gives limited service free-10pages + 5 users. I’m planning to do some creative & useful things with my limited account (no gonna upgrade it, got no bucks in ma pocket). It seems very useful However.


I found THIS in a comment on my Blog in Spread Firefox community. This will be useful to you, if you use Firefox(1.5) & got a Gmail account. Google has done this teaming up with FF, a plug-in for Firefox which would save all your Firefox settings, bookmarks, Passwords & everything. This is god send for a freak like me who is breaking own system down by stupid experiments. I think this will suit well with ppl who surfs from office, at home, on the way & net cafés. Try this with Portable Firefox & see how it’d help you. You’ll get more about this while you installing it. Try this & everything I’ve mentioned on this Blog AT YOUR OWN RISK. Don’t blame me or file lawsuits on damages you do to your data, system or anything with your stupidity :-) .


I’ll post this kinda useful hacks I find while surfing & reading, to LifeHacker which will get them in to more crowds. However LH will get them after YOU, my precious friends.

Get your Globally Recognized Avatar at HERE. You’ll find what you can do with it at the site.

This eve is a very good one for me. I got my pack of KUBUNTU CDs this eve. I was asleep at the time the postman comes. Nangi(my sister) took me the pack & opened it in a hurry. I got It man I got it!!!. It’s great to have KDE my favorite. I installed it as soon as I started it. Kubuntu comes in one CD unlike Ubuntu. Installing it is dead easy. No headaches at all. I’ll cover a post on my Kubuntu experience in the future.

Good news, CJ & I are going to that Bhikku I mentioned earlier to learn Linux. CJ called me this night & told me that he asked venerable sir for some help on learning Linux. He has agreed with pleasure. Good times are coming. Wooooooooooh!

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