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What do you wanna know, Adding affiliate links/banners in to your ‘’ Blog? OK I’ll show you the way. I got to know this from mozilla community. It’s a long story & to find it read ‘The power of community’ my previous Blog entry. You’ll also find a ‘pictured how to’ on this very topic HERE.

Just log in to your wordpress admin pages (where you go to put your posts). On the top of page there is that blue stripe which includes your administrative tools. Click ‘My Dashboard’ & go right this way.~ Blogroll>Add Link.

Here in ‘Add Link’ page you’ll see a text box named ‘Address’ [1]. Enter the link address here.

If you have a picture to use as a button, click + mark on advanced tab. In ‘Image address’ [2] text box put the address of image. Want more? Just go further.

Egg Samples

Adding your Yahoo IM presence into your Blog

Just HIT THIS. You’ll find something like this.

<a href= Yahoo ID&.src=pg>

<img border=0 src= Yahoo ID&m=g&t=2></a>

Copy Yahoo ID&.src=pg

in to [1]

Then Copy Yahoo ID&m=g&t=2

in to [2]

You’re done….wait….remember to click ‘Save Changes’ button.

And another important thing…..

Remember to put ‘Your Yahoo ID’ on appropriate places or get a Yahoo ID saying Your ‘Yahoo ID’. I think the second option is impossible to be done.

You can put this in to a new category by adding a new category like ‘HIT ME’ or something you like. Just hack around & get the thing done.

By changing value 2 into 1 or 3 in Yahoo ID&m=g&t=2

You’ll find something interesting.

Adding ‘Get Firefox’ banner on to your Blog.

You’ll get some pictured instructions HERE.

If this little ‘helping hand’ isn’t good enough for you plz comment your ideas. Tell me how to improve this to be more helpful.


  1. How green is the grass on the other side of the fence?
    Not much. Don’t believe it I tell you.

  2. One tool any affiliate should not be without is an affiliate link cloaker. Affiliate link cloakers will mask and disguise your affiliate links to help prevent affiliate link hijacking. Anyone who has done affiliate marketing before knows about this.

    There is a free service at that you can use to help fight against affiliate link hijacking. Hope that helps.


  3. Good news chris. also use to hide affiliates.

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  8. This is an answer to the guy with the affiliate link cloaking idea. This is the easiest problem to solve – it takes ONE line of code. Don’t listen to some strange wanna-be ‘experts’ that are just parroting e-BS. I wrote an article free affiliate cloaking scripts and you’ll see how easy is to redirect your affiliate URLs.

  9. I am trying to setup my affiliate links through an out folder. Does anyone knows?

  10. Hi. I was under the impression that WordPress does not allow us to put links in our posts directly to the affliates site. I read in the terms of use that we can place links to sites where the viewer can then click on the affiliate link. I wonder if this includes the sidebar area of the blogs?

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