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Whew! Can you see my side bar?….There….at the right hand side of this page. Yeah that’s it that Take Back the Web button. I made it after all. If you were ‘Down since Day One’ (It’s from John Cena-WWE) you may find I was looking for F1 on this ‘Button’ thing & Asa Dotzler had something on this in a Comment on Hail Firefox!. Success is the end of that story & the start of a new story.

For the first time in my lif I felt the strength of community.I tried to add a ‘get FF’ button as ASA said,but failed. Then I asked him for more help on this & do you know what he did? He asked FF community for help.

Amazingly there were many tutorials on adding Affiliate links in Blogs- in various blogging services. I found the one for WordPress. In wordpress case, the steps described were not dead simple, but it’s more than enough for some one who likes Hacking Around (like me :cool: ). I had almost nothing to do. It’s that much simple.

I got a brain inside my head; I got Internet; there’s a huge community out there; there are lot of intelligent, creative & friendly people in that community. So I can do anything I wish, with the help of that extreme strength. That’s what I get & you can get out of Internet. If you have a brain you’re on the fact.

After I add that get FF button, I wanted to try out adding my Yahoo IM presence on ma Blog. A little hacking around took me there. You may find more on this & lot more to improve your surfing experience on my earlier posts (almost all are beta tested by me :-) ).

All I can say is that “if you are still not involved in the power, don’t waste time, Get your feet wet now, yes in this very moment”

Hey, I got new word formation for you, other than DXs S*CK IT.

~(__*…HACK IT…*__)~

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