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New Way

As my blogging life go forward & find new ways to do things, I feel that I’d better do some changes/upgrades in my works. It’s something I was always thinking of, that categorizing my Blog entries. Recently I had some sketches in my mind on what I’m gonna do. From today I’ll categorize all my Blog entries. As an example I’ll put all my posts on ma day to day life into a category named Chanux. Internet |FOSS | Tech | Ideas are some other categories I’m planning to use.

It’s better categorizing to make things easy. It will be easy to find something, Identify posts etc. after categorizing. If you, my precious readers have any Idea of new suitable

Category for my posts, plz feels free to comment or Email me.

– – – –

Yesterday I short messaged DeeJay[Ashan], ma good old friend. He is bored with his day to day stuff. I think I’d better call him in to the cyber world. He had Internet connection & a computer far earlier than me. But he seems not seeking for new stuff. However I’m gonna format him in to a techno freak. Sometimes I’ll win or maybe loose.

– – – –

I called Roudy [Udana] today. He is now busy with some courses. However I made an appointment take him here. I told him about my Blog. Don’t know why I didn’t tell him about this early.

– – – –
Today I worked on my hot hot MEPIS Linux installation. It’s damn great. I must hurry up to configure it in to a surfing board :-) .

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