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Chanux, that enthusiastic, big hearted, Fearless computer lover is reborn this eve. I think you can remember that I’ve been really pessimistic & upset for last week or two, but not any more. I switched back to my Krazy lifestyle….wanna know how?. Just go ahead.

Yesterday I met Bud at Yahoo chat & asked him “what’s the best institution, conducting courses on open source things”. Bud went out of the answer explaining that Open Source is a real big thing & he asked me to filter my question down to Linux. Well here’s his opinion on learning Linux.

“The best way to learn Linux is installing it & using it to do day to day stuff like browsing, Chatting etc.”

He is damn right; I knew this is the best thing to do as I got nearly 8-9 years of experience doing so. But the problem was laziness & dumb busyness grew in ma life through last 2-3 weeks.

My dumber mind thought that Bud is a dumb guy as he told me to work the hard way out. But at last I understood the truth – Bud took me back to REAL LIFE of CHANUX. Thanx BUD, thanx a lot. Thanx again.

I started my life back installing MEPIS Linux on CJs 40G HDD which is given to me. I found it really interesting, the whole process. I learnt some new things also. MEPIS comes with almost all the softwares which are deserved by an average user. It lets me be the ROOT unlike UBUNTU. I got early experience using MEPIS & that’s another advantage for me. [I must be thankful to Ashwin Hemmathagama, Suchetha Wijenayake & all early ITtimes crew +lklug ppl who gave out MEPIS full distro, free with the mag]

I tried to establish an Internet connection in MEPIS but failed. KPPP says that can’t find /dev/tty|1. Actually I know nothing about this thing. Better ask BUD for F1. As I’ve mentioned earlier in ma Blog: it’s always bitter, the first day of great things.

I had saved all ma internet downloads in to a folder named ‘net’. In Linux I tried to rename it ‘NET’. It said “there’s another folder named NET…..” The options in the dialog box were cncel & overwrite. I choose overwrite as I thought it’ll just rename the folder in to NET. But Sh*t happened again, I lost all ma net d’loads.@#%#+@&& :-( .

Data losses mean nothing to me. I’ve faced this kind of things for million times as I was always hacking around. All I gotta do is to go to one friend who got backup of my data.

Yesterday I became a Fox in Firefox community. Asa Dotzler is really working hard to help me in my old problems. So I couldn’t avoid being a fox as I’m a hardcore FF user.

I think some good time is coming back to my life. I’m just waiting for them…well..actually I gotta work hard.

The antelope has run for its life;

But for what, the lion is running?

Same answer


So run for ya life

If not you’ll loose it…Heh!

–C. :-D

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