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Huh! @ Last I’m back home & in front of ma *precious* (Remember, Lord of The Rings?). Did I tell you where I’ve been?. It’s Bonzis, I told you about this from ma last post.

There are enough stuff to fill a post on ma Travel in Colombo. The best thing is that I had a visit to SLIIT Malabe. The place is a real nice one to be at. The reason for ma visit is to find out what they got for me. That cute lady who is the receptionist at SLIIT kindly described me about those courses, the road to wrestle mania….Errrr…..sorry….BSc. Hons. I asked her for the Open source stuff but she seemed having no IDEA. Am I a dumb to ask SLIIT for open source? :roll: . Whatever…..

It’s 3rd September the aptitude test. I’m in a dilemma, what to do.

Bonzi is very happy & proud with her Web writing job. She is now a busy worker in IT industry ;) .

That’s something I’ve always been thinking of which, I should do something to prove my computing skills. But always I’m getting far away from that aim as I get dumb jobs like installing windoze for dumb newbies & walking here & there & getting quotations for computers & this & that. CJ is also having this problem. The enthusiastic pair of kids who were quite eager & willing to do some big things in IT arena are now just working as laborers. I’m really heart broken at this case. CJ was kind to call me when were at Bonzis. Hey CJ, thanx for being with me wherever I go. I Think I did nothing in this interval between the exam & results. But I should mention that I’m really happy with this, ma BLOG.

Last three days at Bonzis were a bit boring without ma precious. But there were some fun With Punsi a.k.a Kudzu. Ah there’s some good news for me. I got some treatment for these F’n pimples which are responsible for making ma face a mess, Gotta continue the treatments for two months.

Bonzi is dreming of a butterfly [a laptop]. So she asked me to help her to sell her desktop beast away. I’d better try some online classifieds.

Today on the way home I bought new issue of iTimes. This time it’s thinner than ever, & seems not worth that 150/=. But while I go through the content I found it’s good enough to be sold at that price. It has got a lot of things to read.

That BPO dream (check the post on Aug 16th 2006) seems going away from us. I’m still waiting for ma Kubuntu order (Aug 11th 2006).

There are three of special friends of mine, I’ve been thinking of for last few days. They are out of sight but difficult to put out of mind. I wanted to contact them back, but was unable to do so.

First one is sudu[Buddhika] who is one of my very close friends. As he is in engineering faculty of Moratuva uni, he went far away from my sight. He is now in his uncles place which is so close to Bonzis. I wanted to meet ma good old friend but missed the luck. Hey sudu, I still remember that adventure we did to surprise whole school :D .

No 2 is Maash, The only friend of mine outta Bonzis friends. I don’t know whether I’m a good friend of her or not. However I count her in ma good friends list. As she don’t use her email address given by her ex workplace. I’ve no way to contact her :| .

DeeJay is ma no3, once the best friend of mine. He was with me when the closest friends of mine went away from me. I appreciate it a lot deej. I just wanna catch you again.

I must get back to ma sweet old lifestyle in upcoming days. Sometimes It’ll tie me on to this inconvenient chair. However I got things to improve & change. Look what’ll happen next. I’d better save ma thoughts for the next post. Until then I got two………. I did this earlier, better go for a new one. Hack Ya Life!.

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