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Hey here I am back after a little delay. But got everything typed. Just go through the lines & find out what the F*** happened to me in bygone days.

It’s 19th of august today & it’s the day Kishes dream come true. I heard no alarms I set yesterday but Nangi(sis) with the bed tea waken me at 5:30am. After having tea all I can remember is that I had a wash, jumped in to ma default theme & rushed CJs home. Errr…Sorry…I had ma breakfast as mom put it in ma mouth by force :D .

I am here at CJs & Kish came after some time. CJ is dressing up, have to wait for him for a long time. I better read an itimes . CJ is a snail when he is dressing. He takes ‘a girls’ time to get ready. [Once he had the nick name IBBA (Tortoise) :lol ] . At last …..We are on the way ‘Kishes dream’. I forgot to tell you, that Asa & Naya would get teamed with us.

Huh….We found Asa & Naya at Vijitha Yapa, and now going all the way to those computer shops. Got some quotations & just waiting to decide what the best is. At last we got the quotation which is worth the price. It’s Kobian, the lucky one this time. The guy who did the thing with us was a nice friendly guy. We are gonna take parts home & build the beast (gurl :) ) ourselves. Paid the price & Kish,Asa & Naya got a trishaw to the bus stand. CJ & I had to walk all the way. Well, I think you can easily guess that we’re gonna have a boring journey on a BUS. Asa & Naya were really upset to go back home as they miss the assembling fun.

Kishes mom had the lunch ready for us but CJ & I have to get a wash. After that cool wash we’re walking back to Kishes. After having lunch we’re in the game.

Building the thing we love most is always giving us the pleasure we had at the very first time we did that. CJ gave me the chance of installing the processor as I had installed LGA processor earlier. I hate the way the heat sink should be installed at this LGA thing.

After putting all the pieces together we plugged it in to the power & switched. The beast is coming alive. Oooh at last…we did it right again, Hurray!!! . Now is installing win, this is the first time we install windoze after that million 8) . After finishing driver installations & some software installation CJ & I are on the way home in this thick Darkness. (Oh….we had the dinner at Kishes) .

August 20, 2006

We got up at 9am. CJ wanted me to stay here. Just worked on CJs home network :) . Marlon (a friend of CJ & mine now) came to CJs & asked us to solve his Virus problem. We’re gonna go there after having a hair cut from Cheesa. Gotta do a lot on that virus case. So we’d go to Marlons again after having a bath. It was fun Bathing in that cool stream. In the eve we went to Marlons & Mila the pretty cool too. Mila was not home & we came back with broken hopes.

August 21, 2006

It’s 9am & there’s a call from nangi. I’d better go home today.

Back home & there’s only nangi & malli(brother) at home. Aroo[Aruna] called me a asked me to go there & fix that internet problem. I should mention that Aroos mom & dad treated me very well as they very good friends of ma mom & dad. Had some hard work & another win installation at Aroos. Came back home at 5:30pm.

It seems I had to go Bonzis tomorrow. I just feel some laziness :| . I better think a bit later on that. However let’s meet again.

Until then, I got two words for ya………S**k IT. Oh sorry It’s DX style, here’s mine. SEE YA.

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