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“Putha, here’s a call for you”. It’s dad & the time is 8 O’clock. It’s Aroo[aruna] on the phone asked me to come here today. How can I resist, I’ve broken ma promise for two times. He asked me to come here twice before this I promised to break them as I’ve been at CJs home for days.

In front of ma machine I’m watching some wwe wrestling action which I got from Asa & Naya. Rey Mysterio, the former heavyweight champ & my loving wrestler is having a bad time these days. Although I know most of wwe happenings have scripts It’s hard to see my mysty being destroyed. I like his entrance theme ‘Booyaka 619’ very much but couldn’t find an MP3 of that. Beeeeep….Sh*t, a power failure again.

Hmmm I gotta wait for Aroo & Electricity too.

After a long time I haven’t cleaned my machine. It’s a mess of dust inside as I always have covers opened for the hard drives of ma friends :-) . This is the ideal time to clean my love. Even I compared my love to a beast with that CJs butterfly; I might say that I can compare it to my gurl. (But gurls I agree it’s not correct always. I said that I’ve taken the covers off, all the time ;-) ). > I have no girlfriend <

I got on the thing with the screwdriver. But Aroo & the crew disturbed me. Rajitha a friend of ma sis & another guy came in with Aroo. Aroo has tried to get on the net & failed. They are here to get some idea. I described how to get that CDMA rocket fly in the cyber space & asked him to call me on any headache. Until they fly away there was no sign of power. However, while we talk I stripped my gurl in to pieces, terrifying haan. It’s really fun, I enjoyed every second of it. ‘Are you fooled by the topic?’

Mom wanted me to go to the shop nearby. On the way I met my friends & some one special. That’s my ‘FORMER’ love. There are only smiles between us. I don’t hate her like some foolish broken lovers out there.

In the eve I finished the gurl & took her back in to life.

CJ called me & asked me to go there to have a networking fun as he got a monitor from somewhere, but had some plumbing to do at home. Oh….. I forgot to say that Kish called me in the morning & gave me a kinda good news. He’s gonna have a computer. He has got 50k. Whatever happened in the past I gotta help him on this case. That’s why I promised him to go for it with him tomorrow. Of course CJ will be with us & Asa & Naya will also be teamed up. It’s gonna be rocking or sometimes F*cking. Look for the next realease.

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