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I went online yesterday at about 10pm. Posted the Blog. The special thing is that I met Bud, Buddhika Siddhisena in Yahoo chat. It was really nice chatting him. I asked him to “Visit my not so mature Blog”. He just hit the link & his comment was that this is COOL!. I don’t know how many times did I here this word on my Blog, & I’m really happy with it. These comments are encouraging me to do some more, specially those words from BUD who have been Blogging for a long time. Bud has some stuff to finish so I had to leave him.

There were Asa & Naya on Yahoo chat too. It was really fun chatting them as it is always. They gave me a good news, that they’d come here today. I’ve been on the net just for an hour. I’m sleeping [relatively] early these days (12am). A good night sleep is a must have as my face is a mess with these F’n pimples.

“Ayya, get up & have your tea”. It’s ma Sisi waking me up for probably a good day. After those usual morning stuff I got back with ma Computer. Cleaned up the trash & came back to the ‘5S’ times. Tried out some newly downloaded softwares & did some hacking around. ! power failure.

No power, cloudy dark sky & cold air placed me on the bed with some early itimes issues. I like reading the stuff once & once again. I’m running through an article by Mahangu Weerasinghe. “Forgive me for the matrix euphemism.I just couldn’t resist. At the top of your desktop you will find Top panel. This is the GNOME desktop……….” I like his writings. They are cool & Live!.

Knock Knock, I bet that it is Aas & Naya. Whom do you thin that is?. I’m the winner this time my friend, they are here. I got nothing to tell them of my by gone days as they’ve got updates from ma Blog. I asked them to start one too. I ask YOU to start another, my fiend.

Asa & Naya are here to Share a lot of 0s & 1s. They’ve got there Western Digital HDD with them. MI1,MI2, Fanaa, Some WWE stuff & a lot more to synchronize. It’s great I got CJs 40 GB. Oh no….. There is ubuntu on that drive & It’s not tailored yet to play those Video track for me. What can I do now; installing windoze on it- got no CD. Installing Mepis Linux – tried but failed due to bad memory (Can’t remember what the default PW of the live CD is). WOW I got one other option, formatting that drive with Knoppix Linux live CD ( CJ, I think you are not angry with me :-) )

After few minutes I am back with shining FAT32 40 GB. Knoppix Linux is the most powerful & litest live linux version I’ve ever tried.

Synchronizing & Chatting gone for hours, until mom call for the lunch. After the lunch we had no where to go but there; you know where. Naya had a nap while Asa & me do the same old brand new things.

Asa & Naya gone home by 5pm. I had works to do to take my machine back to ‘5S’.

Asa & Naya are planning to have their own Yahoo IDs. Go on you people, try to get some big screen names :-) .

Kish called right after I came home dropping Aaa & Naya to the bus. Kish had no special topic to talk about. I feel that he is trying to settle things down. There’s nothing evil between us man, just broken hearts.

It’s exactly 9:49pm now. This is last line of this post. Have Fun Coolies!.

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