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I’m home

I’m typing this at home sweet home (don’t mean that CJs is Bitter :-) .) Today I started the day bit later (9pm) @ CJs. It was a cloudy dark morning as yesterday. Kish came while we’re having our breakfast. Not many words spoken between us. Kish went back home with “that pair of shoes”.


CJ & I had nothing fun to do. We slept the noon & had lunch in the eve. I came home right after the lunch.


Something good to say…..Good things are rare these days. That good thing is that CJ gave me his 40GB HDD & whole 256MB of RAM. COOL haan!. He had nothing to do with them as he has no monitor. Thanx CJ!!! & that’s for your trust on me. Dear reader, I bet that you don’t have this kind of friends. Do you have?.


Installed UBUNTU Breezy badger on CJs 40 GB & my beast became a devil with that extra RAM. I better write more on Ubuntu later. I don’t feel good with whatever happened last few days. I’m sorry for my bad writings these days.


(Heard that Bonzi called here, I’m sorry to miss you Bonz.)


Wish you for a Cool & happening day completely different fom mine.


A Ridiculous day with some shine @ the end.

August 15, 2006

Sun rise beyond the cloudy sky, made another whole new day of ma life. At the moment I got up I wished may this day be the best day of ma life. Things started as usual for an unusual day. Today is the day me & CJ going to find out more on that Online Job. After the bathroom times I came out to get ready, but suddenly I got something blasting in ma mind, how can I wear those rugged sandals of my own, to go to a place like that?. Oh It’s great that I can ask Kish for help. CJ called Kish for the shoes & Knazki for his flash drive. We planned to ask Kish for take those two for us as we were very busy with the stuff. But Kish said no for this & we have to go there & get’em. CJ Rushed to take them.


Oh no, my under garments!. They are wet with that water sports yesterday :-(. Got nothing to do on this case, can’t ask a friend for help. CJ came & I asked to him what to do. No Idea. Phone is crying- Kish is on the phone the phone & asking to renew his driving license, another burden. We gotta take CJs monitor to Finebit technologies as it is severely damaged. We told that problems we got but Kish seems not understanding us. Kish came with his stuff & went to some textiles shops in search of undies. But nothings open as it’s still 8am.(It’s raining)

But somehow at last we are ready to go. I got replacement for those wet things. Even I said ‘at last’ it’s not the end. The thing is still started. Got a trishaw to the bus stand, had to wait a bit for a bus. Ooooh there’s a bus……but the conductor said that they won’t go back. So we had to wait another 15 mins. We landed at Finebit after a long boring travel.


It’s time to go to LBS for our dream. It’s 12:45pm when we come to the LBS. There’s no one in the office. 15 mins gone but still there’s no sign of a human being. “It’s the lunch hour; we better go outside & come back again later”. It’s CJ.


We visited some computer shop to find a ‘Eureaka’ prepaid internet card & a cheap network card. No Eureka but found some second hand network card from Mr. second hand (a computer shop owner).


At about 1:45pm we came back to the LBS but the place is empty. After 10 mins of waiting a guy came. I said that we wanna meet Mr.Diaz. The guy went in & came with another handsome dude. I repeated the early dialogue & he said that Mr.diaz is gone out for a bit & asked me to wait for him.


After one hour Mr.Diaz is still not in the place. I asked CJ “what should we do now, let’s go back”. CJ refused to go back. Another 15 mins gone & that dude came back, said that Mr. Diaz will be back in a moment. Another long 10 mins & some one who may be Mr.Diaz came in. After 5 mins going in to his office room, he came back & asked two of us inside the office room. Before we talk to him we thought that he is a rough guy. But after talking to hom we found that he is really a kind man. He asked about our selves & some other stuff & noted down our addresses & Phone numbers. At last he said that he’d call us within a week. Shake hands & we uot of the place. CJ & me are really impressed of the way it happened. Some hopes are still growing inside.


Came to Finebit & CJ bought 10mtrs of network cables. Downloaded some portable softwares frm johnhallers (look Hail Firefox! In ma blog for more). We’re back on the road, & right on the way to finish kishes stuff. But the office is closed as we are there at 4:45pm. Went to Asanka ayyas shop & bought some empty CDs for dad.


On the way home in the bus we met Dilfi but had no time to chat him. After a bit boring travel landed to CJs with a KOTTU which is our favorite. So hungry & tired, must come to Vanish that Kottu after a wash!


>It’s something we (ME+CJ) have noticed for million times, that whenever we are up to something we get Everest like problems. But at the end we manage to find a happy finishing…Errrr, at least ‘almost happy’ finishing.<


PS:- Hey Kish, I’m really sorry to say that we are really upset on your behavior, at a bad time like that. You better understand that we’d do anything for our friendship if we are able. I think you can remember that we’ve done more big things than this for you in the past. Actually I am really ashamed of your wicked deeds :-( .



On the Butterfly.

August 14, 2006

Yuhoo! Here I am on CJ’s butterfly. This is truly a dream come true. I came here this morning at abt 10.Hey there’s something special I gotta tell you & that’s I got up 5:30 this morning. Unbelievable?. My dad didn’t believe that too. He thought that he is dreaming :-).All this is because I got on the bed at 12 this morning. I was on the net just for an hour last night. That hour is truly worthy the fee I pay for ma surf time. I did a lot, managing time as I know that I’m running outta ma surf time (because of too much usage per day :-) ).


I surfed in to ma google personalized home. And I saw that I got one mail .It was from wordpress & I noticed that’s abt a Comment on ma Blog, which makes me so happy :-).I rushed in to ma mail box & clicked on that mail. The comment was from someone named Asa. I stucked myself for a moment thinking who is this. May be It’s Asa Outta ASA & NAYA. But why Dotzler?. Are they trying to fool me.

It was a comment on ‘Hail Firefox!’. And the best thing is it was from some one from wow, I can’t believe ma own…..

Not gonna describe what was on that, just go & see your self. I just wanted to say that I’m amazed & I’m so thankful on that comment.I felt that I’m so poular.


I had lot surfing. Remember that I said Amazing things in the future.I downloaded something goes with that. More on this after I tried for my self. I tried some ASCII Sites, got one cool site frm itimes. Indi aiya have given that. went for some wordpress plugins & downloaded Blogbuddy which gives te ability to post blogs from home. I mean without getting in to wordpress site. But gotta find Blogbuddy settings for wordpress. I’ll get more details on this software after using it. I’m the lab rat for ya :-).


Here @ CJs…

CJ & I Had to install windows for a newbie. After that we went to that stream mentioned on ‘It’s First’. came home & got on with the butterfly who is now resting on my lap:-).we spent all the eve with this QT. Kish[kasun] came here in the eve too(Well, CJ has got troubles with his desktop machine).


Here’s the blasting news for today! (Sometimes this will blast us in the future).Remember that I told you abt a BPO thing?. CJ has called that BPO (business process outsourcing) center. He has got a kind gentleman named Kithsiri on the phone & more details on the topic & some place to visit for more. Do you know what these all means?, It’s all abt a shadow of an online job. We’re planning to go there tomorrow. Stay with us & find out what would happen to us. Another testing of the fate!.(We’ll be happy to get a coconut scraping job if it’s online)


I’m not gonna post this today.

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