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As usual this post is also about 10-12pm yesterday & today. My night life is having some problems. As I get up too late, dad is not happy with that. And I think it causes more pimples on my too much pimpled face. Last night I met Asa & Naya on yahoo chat. I made them amazed logging in many IDs with Gaim(multi protocol IM client-great FOSS). However I should say that they faced that moment so well. It was so fun chatting them. I asked them to get in a chat room. But they didn’t make it successfully (New kids, they are :-) ) .

In Sri Lanka 4 chat room I met a cool guy named ‘good friend’ if I’m right. We had some fun in the room & I did PM him. He was so friendly, so I asked him to check ma Blog. He was From Canada (born in SL) but he didn’t have any Idea. He has visited my Blog & he said that THIS ONE is COOL :-). Thanx ‘good friend’, I appreciate it a lot. Wish to meet him again, got him in the list.

I didn’t surf a lot this time & went asleep early in the morning at about 12:30am.

Got up at 8am, just did some these & those. In the noon I had a bath. (After a long time :-) )

Did some CD burning for dad & tried pocketmod. I should say that pocketmod is a great nifty little software help us to mange & arrange our day to day things. Believe me & try once. Read some early itimes mags. itimes is always a good friend of mine from its first issue.

Did nothing much for today. It seems a little boring today. I like this rain but not the darkness. I better go for some hack around now. Oh wait a bit; there will be some big interesting news in the future. I guarantee that. So stay tuned If you feel cool reading me & plz give me a sign of your presence, a comment. I appreciate it a lot. CHAOSS!! :).

PS – Heard that It’s Kudzus (Bonzis little brother) B’day , 11th aug. Hey Bonz, plz give ma love & late wishes to him.

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  1. hai hai u didn’t even bother to ring my bro on his b’day. any way i think ur blog is cool, by the by i lyk cj’s butterfly than ur beast. bt i dnt like cj

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  1. By Hibernation! « Prove that real but not virtual on 20 Oct 2006 at 10:19 pm

    […] Here’s ma last not so big deal….Someone named good_friend in Yahoo messenger tried to F*ck me as Krazy_kid_cute, pretending he is a gal named Lathika Thilini. Oh he got nailed at last. Hey u r not that clever guy to catch me, good_friend. Cj also came between & confirmed that good_friend is that GIRL(remember? CJ is ma evil twin)Yes there are some psycos in Y messenger. That’s why I use k_0_b_a . Screen name helps a lot in some reasons even it’s not geeky & never recommended by real hackers.If you wanna fool someone, find one fits ya size( maybe I’m the one who fit ). However it’s fun to have this kinda experience even it sucks precious online time. Try it if u like….remeber people can ignore IMs. […]

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