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CJ came here yesterday eve.With his LAPTOP. *WOW* It’s Freeezing. I mean It’s that much cool.It’s something we’ve ever dreaming of, that having a computer on the bed. I played a bit with the trackball as it’s completely new to me.Cool stuff here!.

In the eve we did all those same old brand new garbage and some synchronizing. We tried some new thing that made us two stupid network engineers. We tried networking my desktop beast & CJs laptop butterfly with Knazkittas IR device. CJ has done this with his home desktop. But this time it didn’t get good enough results. Our network is teazing us. Some times on & sometimes down. We tried shutting my firewall down. Nope, it doesn’t work. Then we hacked around some network settings & (7 deiyane) ended up with some really brain chewing garbage. We’ve accidentally installed some new network services & F’n Netware nuisance. This changed the way of logging in & out into a really odd way. Dammit! This @#@$%&? /# !

May be it’s service pack 2 doing all this. CJ has neatly ended this with his sp1 thing. “Ok machan let’s reinstall windoze”

It’s CJ.” Whatttt! I can’t do that, my sharply tweaked surfing machine including all my settings & personal stuff. How dare you are to say REINSTALL F’n windoze?” It’s frustrated me. We got to get on the net at 10.” Asa & Naya coming to the yahoo chat for the first time today. You donno how hard I tried to get them in”. That’s me again.

“Putha! Come & have your Breakfast”. Oh no, It’s mom. But breakfast this night? It’s 9pm. Maybe I heard that coz I’m nutz. Had the lunch in a jiffy & finished some these & those things downstairs. It maybe 9:30pm when we come upstairs. Have some these & those with the machine too. Finally I agreed with CJ. Donnno how did I do that decision. I just did that after that these & those. I’ve heard that, to get answers for Everest like problems we shouldn’t think hard. Just letting our mind get the decision is the best way. A team of psychologists in Amsterdam uni has come to this decision not after letting there mind to do that but doing some serious experiments. Mind that!.

It’s near ten & I took the phone upstairs to go netting. *Ring Ring* It’s Naya.” Hey we got probs here. We can’t get there now. We didn’t even install yahoo messenger yet”. “Ok it’s great, I also have to install win. New Time is 12:00pm OK “. Whew how good is asa & naya . I’ll cover a post on Asa & Naya in the future.

CJ has got his SP1 win CD. Put the CD in the drive, restarted changed the BIOS options. I’m installing win for maybe 100th time in my life. (When hacking around we have to face this kinda things :-) ). While looking at that screen I got an idea. Why don’t we surf with CJs butterfly?. “Oh no it’s a damn great idea” In the next moment we were on the net, tried getting a wordpress Blog for CJ, but had problems with some email addresses. That f***r don remember the passwords. Have try all he used in the life time to login in 1 account. CJ would handle that I gotta look at my win installation. Finally it’s done. CJ got DC (disconnect) while I’m doing my stuff. What’s the time? , Can’t remember, windoze is taking around 50 mins to finish, isn’t it?.

I gotta hurry Installing softwares & have to tweak’em a bit. Finally we’re ready with IR. Oops! My computer says “there’s another computer nearby” . Hurray we did it. CJ sent me a folder named “hey @last we got the thing set up” via our wireless connection. (I should mention that my little brother (malli) was around until 10, waiting to see this moment. I’m sorry he is sleeping now).

Oh we gotta get on the net. Its 12pm now. Dialing, registering & on & on. We’re in. “Sachinthe is now online” Y messenger says. It’s Asa & Naya. I gave’em mallis ID. Its fun to see those f***rs online. I typed some rude lines :-) . They are typing something. “I think its 619 & HBK” they call me 619 & CJ, HBK (HBK & 619 are names of famous WWE wrestlers). Asa & Naya seems not sure. I sent a smiley & asked them to send me one. Here is it! They sent me one. It’s going on & on.

Shit happens again. There’s a break down in my connection. I can’t redial, they my username and/or password is wrong. CJ jumped in & tried sharing the internet connection. At last we found that we can’t share the not connection as we got an incoming connection. There maybe some other way but we’re not in the mood to hack around. After thousands of dialing I got back the connection, yuhoo.2 mins gone & ‘Ring Ring’. Shit I forgot to block the incoming calls. I lost my connection, million times dialed, F’n error 691. I’ll hit a 619(Rey Mysterios finishing move) on this damn thing. That ‘Ring Ring was from Naya & he just cut the line.

What would we do now?. “Hey let’s try some LAN chatting between two of us”. It’s CJ & something new to do. Installed a LAN chatting software. Sent some lines through it but can’t continue well. Bored & uninstalled it. I restarted & dialed again. Huh at last we’re in again. But there’s no Asa & Naya.

Got in to CJs inbox after a dictionary attack (way of cracking passwords, the other way is brut force attack) done by CJ (not used a software, just guessing ok :-) .). Finally surfed in to wordpress & got a very new Blog for CJ. Created CJs Google personalized home. CJ has abandoned one of his email addresses because of thousands of Spams. We got in the acc & cleaned it in to a new one flushing all the garbage away. My advice is to think twice & one time more before type down your email address in the net.(CJ are you reading this?). Got in & downloaded portable Firefox & Googled for ASCII art & found interesting things. You better try some ASCII art too :-) .

We got DC after downloading another ASCII converter. Shut the beast down & got on the bed with CJ’s Butterfly. We started reading my Blog, which is saved on to disk. It’s really cool having a laptop, computing on the bed, lights off. There’s a sound of alarm. Oh it’s the alarm for get up. Do you believe that we were awake whole last night?. CJ gave me 100 marks for my Blog. Thahnx for saying it’s great, CJ. We slept after having our bed tea. It may seem strange. But that’s the F’n way we do that. Remember that I said that I’m a freak & CJ is my Evil Twin on my 2nd post “It’s First”. ;-)

Got up at 10pm, Finished Basic morning stuff & had a big breakfast. And we’re back with the Beast & the Butterfly Synchronizing things from last surf.We Installed Portable Firefox. It’s great man(find more on this at my earlier posts). Things gone as usual. CJ has to lave.

CJ went home after having the lunch. I came home & sat down at the TV. Mom said dad was ill today. Dad has left & he didn’t tell me as usual. I had to talk to dad. I can remember how dad did when I’m ill. I haven’t mentioned that on my F’n Blog too. I’m really upset about that :-( .

Whole eve is gone with the computer.This night I looked after dad. Helped in his stuff & got little relief in my mind. Finished typing this & now I’m goona go online. Enjoy Life!

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