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I got up early in the morning 9am :-). The just flowed normally. During the day time did some customizing on my computer. A full virus scan, Disk defragmenting & some cleaning made the beast a little faster. In the eve I typed some exam papers for mom. Each & every time I work with Sinhala fonts, It grows the wrath inside me with’em.

It’s raining after a long. The rain started at around 2am as I go to sleep. Rain in night is catalyst for sleep. So I had a good healthy sleep thanking the rain. But I should say this. Every time I experience rain in the night I happen to think about a real bad & sad thing. My loving aunty RAW (Bonzis mom) [not the RAW in WWE] said this as her experience in teaching. Here’s the story.
One day aunty RAW has asked her school children to complete some homework at home. The next day she has checked whether the kids have done. Just one kid has come with empty hands. Aunty asked why?. The answer is hard to hear.
“Teacher, last night it was a heavy rain. I was unable to do the home works because we don’t have a proper place to live. We didn’t even sleep last night!” :-(
After I’ve heard this I wish for no rain in night. There are thousands of ppl having this problem.
(I’m not a good story teller but I think I’m smart enough to give the main massage.)

Ppl say that rain comes after the ‘Kandy Perahera’ (kinda festival to worship the tooth relic of Lord Buddha. It’s awesome to watch). I think there’s something to think about as every year the rain comes right after the Perahera.

I’m watching the TV rarely as I spent more time wi my machine. One of my best programs is Zack Files on ITN every Thursday 6:30pm. I like Zack, that cute little guy the main character & everything weird happening to him. It’s just nice.

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