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Ever since I tried Firefox I have never thought of a browser switching. I love Firefox. IE is far behind the abilities of FF. Once I tried Opera. It also is a good powerful browser, but it didn’t take me the peace & simplicity of FF. I’ve heard about Googles Gbrowser . It would be challenging to FF as Google guys are creative, smart & cool. However FF also gets changed in to BON ECHO (I don like this switching). A new name & maybe a whole new browser experience. At last all I got to say is ‘Long live FF’

>I wanna put a ‘Get Firefox’ banner on my blog, but donno how to do that wi wordpress. Any one has F1 plz? <

You can use FF & some other FOSS on a USB drive. Think about softwares that comes with you wherever you go with configurations & personal details :-) cool haan!. Johnhaller made this possible. GO4it!(

This eve I tried hacking FF. ‘about:config’ is the key in to FF inside. Type it in to address bar in FF, hit enter & eat the thing. It’s amazing that the user have full control on FF. I made many changes that would get FF closer to me. There are also hundreds of cool tools  in the net which can integrate & power up FF browsing experience.
There’s no need to be Geek to hack in to FF or any other thing. It just takes some time, creativity, hard work, good thinking & attitude. Need example? I’m here for you as I’m not a Geek :-).
>Any one can tell me how to find whether I’m a Geek or not? ;-).<

CJ called me 10 mins ago. He is planning to come here tomorrow. He’ll be here with his laptop. COOL! CJ is waiting to start a blog & he is having my same old problem. Not knowing how to start & what to put in. My advice to him & any one else having these problems is “Just start typing garbage & you’ll find your own way”. The line you read a moment ago would be a great famous phrase on blogging, who knows what would happen in the future? :-). Remember that Alex Tew became a millionaire in a short time with his cool concept, million dollar homepage.

Moment ago I used a sticky. ‘Stickies’  is a cute little piece of software which helps me a lot in my surfs. Just try it out. It’s fun to use & worth 1000$. And the next best thing is it’s Free!.

I installed Gmail Drive today. It’s a nice little tool getting my Gmail space in to ‘My computer’. It shows my Gmail space like another drive on my machine. To get this, find the link at “Yesterday!” on my blog.

I don’t know about any Linux versions of Stickies or GmailDrive. In linux there’s Knotes which work like Stickies.

Did I say that I ordered for Kubuntu ?. Canonical group which came up with kind donation of Mark Shuttleworth, developing linux & giving it extremely free. They don’t ask for shipping fee either. I got Ubunty Breeazy badger early. As I don like Gnome, ordered Kubuntu with KDE. Thanx a lot MARK, It’s a remarkable effort.

Kubuntu, Ubuntu, eubuntu, xubuntu  are respective creations of canonical & great for the ppl who are looking to switch in to FOSS community. Just try this out. & plz be honesty when you’re making your order. When using this, remember that it is free & we’d better give them something back.


  1. If you sign up for an account with Spread Firefox, you can go to this page and get all kinds of Firefox buttons and banners.

    To add them to your blog, just go to your WordPress admin pages and click on the Links tab and then Add a Link. Cut and paste the code from the Spread Firefox page into there and it will add the button or banner to your blogroll.

  2. Thanx Asa.I appreciate what you have done.Just can’t unstand wht’s admin pages.I’ll woork on it in the future.Thanx again.

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