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Same as Yesterday, I got on the bed at 2am today.The Internet connection was not so good as yesterday. But it’s good enough to finish my stuff.

Yahoo chat was boring. Only one guy named pissukasun clicked me. He was a good friendly guy looking for girls. He was so upset & broken hearted as most of girl searchers in Yahoo chat. budks was not online yesterday. CJ is not online as he is playing with his laptop.

I wanna add my yahoo chat status in to my blog. I know the code but don’t know how to put it in my wordpress blog. Buddhika ayya [budks] has done that on his blogger blog. Better ask him for help.


This is the link to down load the code lines for set your Yahoo chat status on ya site/blog.


Try this at ya own risk.even it is not risky :-) .


I searched wikpedia for bittorrent.Found a lot of info. But still I can’t understand how to use a torrent file.

Checked out Bram Cohens [founder of BT] blog. Cohen is a cool guy. I like him. Got to find abt BT in da future.


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