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     It was 2am when I sleep yesterday. Oh wait wait, It’s not yesterday It’s today. I’ve heard that having less sleep cause low IQ. But it’s impossible being an owl with the stuff I got to do. Even my Internet package is named ‘Nightowl’.

      Yesterday I’ve been on the net for 3hrs & got the maximum out of it. Registered my wordpress blog, Tried out Google personalized home , Deleted an old yahoo account, created new yahoo account, chatted a bit & downloaded some torrent files. It was really cool & I’ve learnt a lot.

       In case of wordpress I should say that It’s really cool the way it. Registration is really a piece of cake. I love the way a wordpress blog handled (I don’t know how others go). After hacking around for 20-30 mins I learnt the way it goes.

       Google personalized home is a really cool service. I am far too late to have that amazing thing. It’s the best to have as a homepage. It has thousands of cool tools inside. I enjoyed every pixel of my ‘Google personalized homepage’. To be like me in this case you have to get a gmail account. I think It still requires a gmail invitation & I got some ;-). 

        Now it goes to Yahoo!. I deleted one of my very first email accounts. I hate that screen name (cnksml@yahoo) & I wanted to learn how to delete an account. Yahoo seemed so upset when I delete that account. I found this URL from o’reillys hacks to terminate a yahoo account. user  (Try this at your own risk)


I signed up for & .I got some future plans with it (playing Dr.jekyll & Mr.hyde). It’s not o in that k_0_b_a. It’s zer0. Getting desired ID for yahoo is almost impossible. At last creativity helped me to do that anyway. I wanted to be KOBA in the yahoo chat some howJ as CJ is BUWA. Yahoo Avatar is a cool thing. Yesterday is the first day I tried it even I knew about that earlier.


Heard about bittorrent & wanted to find out what the hell is that. So googled for bittorrent & clicked this one.

Found it interesting searching for some linux things. I still don’t understand what bittorrent is. I’ll go for it in the future too.


Hey I found this while hacking around. Just try this if you have a gmail account. I think the software helps to have our gmail space as an online drive (not sure/not tried yet). Sounds cool, isn’t it?.

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