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Hey! Hey!! Hey!!!  Blogging Is maximum fun. I found it really cool as I registered for my wordpress blog. You got to do that to understand the real thing. So If you are still don have a blog, better plan to get one.

    Today is Nikini Poya day (Buddhist religious event) a holiday in Sri Lanka. I had to Visit my moms little sisters home. I hate going outside. But it is really necessary to develop social relationships. Some people say that computer addicts (Geeks?) are poor in social relationships. I really disliked & disagreed with that in the past. But honestly I have experienced myself loosing those relationships. But I have decided to change this & do something really different. That’s why I Visit Punchi Ammas today. When I’m there I understood how bad it would be if I wait at home & doing some hacking with the computer. I believe that all the computer addicts are having my problem. The answer is so simple & you know that. Keeping the Equilibrium is really needed for a good mind.

     As today is Poya day I went to the temple near punchi ammas home. I have no words to explain that feeling I felt in that serene air. The natural beauty around the temple mixed with the cool & calm surrounding made the whole experience a meditation. I felt the ultimate freedom inside me. If I had some pictures…..:-(.



  1. Ahaaaaaaaaaaaam i think u totally grasped the truth of u being way behind the commanly practiced truth of good inter relationships with even your closest relations. hope you will pay more attention on that coner of your personal mishap. ha ha ha

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