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Hi there. Welcome inside my life. This is my first ever blogging experience. Don’t know exactly what’s the *FUN* in blogging. Rest of the world is doing that, so I thought I’d better try this damn thing out. I think I’d better explain who the hell I am. Here we go….

My past in a nutshell

I am a freak. I should say that. Computing is my life. I became interested in computing when I was 10 yrs old. A little piece of magazine came free with a weekly newspaper made me in to this creature. I was a reading addict at 10.I read everything I got in my sight. I love Sir Arthur C klarke’s space odyssey series & sir Arthur Conan doilies Sherlock Holmes series (I don’t have any special relationship with “sir Arthurs”. However I luv da film ‘king Arthur’ too.) Which I read eagerly & didn’t understand the real thing outta. Back to the topic…After that mag I started reading more, more & a lot more on computing. In some cases I went through the lines in same article for thousand times. I had a computer in my imagination & I tried everything I read, on it. I have cried asking for a computer for million times. At last my loving mom & dad gave me one. I was 17 when I get that dazzling Pentium 4(exact day I got my dream true is 1st Jan 2003).It was not EZ the way in to that.

When I get my computer I was about to Start my Advanced levels oh oh there’s something I should mention.b4 I get the computer I had A girlfriend. It’s my 1st love & I loved her very much. She was mine for less than a year (actually my first love is computer).b4 I get my computer I lost her. Fell down so close to the hell. She just proved that girls are some vicious kind of freaks. I’ll understand the Linux kernel but not the girls. My actual 1st love, the computer did recover me. My friends called me cyborg/robot/the machine as I love the computer while I dislike gals.

I know that I innovated my computer abilities in a very short time with my COM. But I failed in my education. My A/L result was chemistry-F, combined maths-S, physics-S. Computer is not the only guilty for that & my failure has a long story behind it. Two of my best friends had same bad results. I should say that I got a friend who helped me to fail & another one who cried at my failure (It’s Miyuru).However I tried once again. This time I worked with one of my best friends (CJ).We tried 98% outta our best. And these days we’re waiting for results.

I have learnt alone everything I know about computer. Oh I should mention my friend, My “Evil Twin” CJ who is thinking right the way I do. We got many similarities & some terrible inequalities. We two have tried a lot of things together in computing. We tried Linux (CJ introduced me Linux) alone & came to know the basics & a little beyond that.


The near past

After the exam I had a little rest to put that heavy burden down. After that, I finished a whole week or two watching some wwe wrestling & blockbuster films. After all back to the life I love, the life passing every second of the day near a computer or thinking about latest trends in IT. Ooh I did some sudoku which was so interesting & challenging. I started from the tough ranking. I finished my 1st sudoku in 3 days while wrestling with my computer. After sudoku days Asa & Naya who are accidentally best friends of mine came our home. Two days of synchronizing, chatting & playing they went away. The day asa & Naya go home Roudyguy who were with me in my past hard days, came our home after a long. We had a lot of garbage to talk. Roudys gone & the days after that were not so good for me. My loving mom & my sister who is doing all my day to day stuff were ill. My sister was in hospital for two days. I was in hell without the person who wash my clothes, manage my acne treatments & specially massaging my thinking machine, my sister. Dad also had hard time those days. I thought these bad things are happening only for me. But unfortunately CJ also have had bad times with the illness of his uncle.

Mmmmmmhhhhhh. It’s over, the bad days. Asa & Naya came to CJs place. I also went there. I was there for three days. The reunion (after the exam) regains fun. During day time Me,CJ,Asa,Naya & introducing Kish were bathing for hours in a cool stream of water close to CJs home. In the night we packed our selves in to CJs room & square danced with the computer. On 2nd night we called roudy & got the username & pw of a prepaid internet card. It was boring surf as we were so tired BATHING.

I came home. SIS & mom are really well. The bad time is gone away from my life .I had nothing to do in fun. But as in the past I got something to do. I just browsed in CJs Hacking CDs. It was great there are a lot of things to do. It’s fun. Hacking around is always fun. On the way in the CD I found an article “how to be a hacker” written by a hacker. Actually the real meaning of ‘HACKER ‘is not the one we know. The writer has noted that “Hackers Building things & crackers breaking them down”. Shortly a hacker is a person who find a *creative, easy & far better way to do something or creating something* like that. As he has said I also is a hacker kid now. But I have far more to go. I started learning Python (programming language) as that hacker said “learn python, C & perl first”. I found an HTML file done by a hacker “python for newbie”.*wOw* learning python is fun & kinda EZ. A Short stop for python. I had to go to buy a computer for uncle chandana. CJ came with me & that made the whole thing EZ for me. In the eve we fixed the monster at uncle chandanas house. Uncle Chandana won’t sleep this night if he is like me & CJ. It was really fun, the whole experience.

On the way CJs home with uncle Chandana we got to know that miyuru is having a serious pain with an illness. Fun time is over. What the f*** is going on? Miyurus pain is mine as mine is always his. We speeded back to miyurus. He is in real pain. My father & brother have come to see him as he is so close to our family. We went to CJs home to drop him after finishing Miyurus stuff. Finished all the software installation at uncles’ house & ended a long day on my dream machine, my bed.

CJ has been on the net in last few days with that internet card & he had tried some real web experience. He is insane of that stuff. We (CJ & me) found a CD including PDF files of some International magazines (Hail PiracyJ).Whew It’s nice the way the rest of world moving around IT .My life has gone Computer^10 these days. I also am looking 4 some real web experience. Creating our own site is the dream .But we have never worked on this b4. Some learning days are ahead.

Fun Again

Something fun is gonna happen. Me,CJ, Roudyguy, Asa & Naya is gonna get packed once again.This time at roudys home. Roudys home is close to the coast.It’s gonna be cool. On the day we were at roudys it was heartbreaking to count CJ out .Asa & Naya were right at da time .We played all the day on golden beach. I wait at Roudys this night & hoping to have CJ in the game tomorrow.






CJ is with us & we had the full day in water. Water is damn cool. It’ll freeze 3 of us. It’s not gonna be so healthy bathing 4-5 hours in water. End of the day….. So tired. But I swear we had fun. I’m gonna have fever. I feel it inside.

On the way home it was a little raining. We headed Suntel office. The Suntel guy gave us a warm welcome, even he don’t know we came here to signup an internet connection.

Yes I’m gonna get an internet connection at last. We, the suntel customers can go online anytime with wow123 which takes no deposits at all. But it is too pricy for a guy like me. That’s why I thought I better go for an Internet connection. I choose the “Nightowl” package which suits me very much. It gives me 35 free hours for 400/= monthly. Suntel charges 9/= per hour as the calling fee. It takes 1200/= as the deposit. It’ll cost about 825/= for the 35 free hours .However I will only connect between 10pm-6am with Nightowl package. At last I signed all documents that cute little lady gave me. Huh I got an Internet connection.

Even I got my internet connection I can’t try it out this day. I’m terribly ill. The fever is killing me. Mom is really upset. Nangi is with me as she does ever.

F’n Fever

Life is nothing without good health. I feel like that rest of my life is useless & there’s nothing useful in this world. I don’t wanna do anything. Computing is boring.*what* I feel that computing is worth nothing. I won’t switch that thing never on.

I got 4-5 days to completely recover. I slept almost all those days. And only thing I ate is Kottu. That illness taught me how my parents & nangi love me. I can’t believe that I did hate computing for 5 days.


Back to the Matrix

I used my net connection for the first time. It didn’t take me so much fun. It’s OK that first days of great things are bitter. It was fun I met CJ in yahoo chat. We just chatted here & there until 2am.

I have made a website really alone .It’s cool but I feel bit unhappy with that free web space .I registered for one free web space service but It’s F’n too slow when loading. CJ & I decided to pay for server space & do it really & professionally later. However the whole thing is fun. This web developing craze took us in to a new era of thinking. These days we (me +CJ) worry about doing something on web developing. PHP & MySQL are chewing our brains.

Thinking thinking & more thinking is encouraging us to do some course .It may be MCSE, RHCE, Web developing or something other. We gotta hurry. I feel we’re late even now.


Got to go to the pirith sajjayana at Dilfis house. I forgot almost whole thing. Better CJ reminded it.Yuhhhooooo CJ is dreamin of a laptop. More gossips coming in the future. Busy Times!!!.


August 6, 2006 EVE

Yuhooooo I’m on a rush to go CJs home. Ran to the Highway (lies) wearing my default theme Black T-shirt & Dark Blue Denim. He is waiting 4 me. I’m there.

(Loads of gossips, chit chats, film scripts & garbage-this is what we do when we’re together)

CJ has Installed Mepis Linux on his 40 GB drive. Hmmm he is lucky having two HDDs. No fight between win&lin for MBR .I always have this GRUB-MBR headache when Installing win & lin on same drive.

Cool Chitchats until Kish [=Kasun] come to go to Dilfis[=Dileepa]. The topics are Linux, MCSE, RHCE, SLIIT, PHP, MySQL & much much more on IT.


Kish came with Pena[=Randima] & Sajeeva. Little chitchat & we’re going to Dilfis.

Knazkitta[=Kanishka] is *barking* Fanaah hindi song on the way frm Dilfis home. He is up to something. Finally we’re at Dilfis. Jihan[=Gihan] aiya, Roshan,Sudoo[=Sandun] & whole lot of friends are there.

Jihan Bhaiya who was our friendly combined maths teacher said that our A/L results would hit the ground next month. Oooh It’s a quite relief. Knazkitta came back & disturbed our chat & cards playing. I am Right he is up to some very big project. Actually what is going is really not good, But as guys we have to face some so stupid moment. At the end of the thing Knazki shouted out something which would be written in da history. Knazkitta has become an Omar Khaiyam! Hukki Hooooo!! . Knazki & crews adventure is finished with laughs at the end. All I gotta say is Alcohol is nothing fun[I don’t drink-but have tried too early in the life & understood the truth]. But they are walking in the desert in search of water.

Milee[=Milinda] the pretty Cool came to the scene. Milee is planning to do a course in SLIIT Malabe. Cool all are heading the same way. Left Dilfis at around 1.30 am. Kish, CJ & me headed way home Chatting bout Knzkis Alcohol adventure. Sudoo has become the hero with too much liquid. Surprises of nearly impossible dinner from Dilfi J.


August 7, 2006

Kish came early morning to go to CJs moms’ school. We were planning to have a networking fun at CJs moms’ schools computer network. Aunt has decided to have a leave so we have to stay home. Typed some exam papers for the term test of CJ s mom’s school. CJ went to the bank with his dad to get money for his dream Lap top. Things are happening fast these days. Kish went to dilfis again. CJ came with money. Called Dhanushka ayya. ”the number you have called is not connected. Please call again shortly” A cute voice is saying this praise every time we call Dhanushka ayya. Maybe his girlfriend. Heh CJs gonna die. CJ & I slept all the eve with that heartache missing the laptop for today. Got up early in the eve -5pm.Better go to Mila the pretty cool.

Pretty cool Mila is home. It’s always cool at Milas home. We love that place. Chitchatted about SLIIT dreamz. It would be cool going to Colombo & working on IT 24/7 Huh.

Milas Fa deo stick has a cool fragrance. Better get one for me. I’m right CJ is also planning to get one. You know, we got a Bluetooth connection between our brains. This may be the millionth time that we experienced this.

Back home with a Kottu. String hoppers Kottu & chicken curry is a great combination. This is a dinner to remember. Typed some term test papers & got on the net at about 11pm. Googled for some tricks on Samsung SGH620 for Jihan bhaiya. Yahoo chat is getting a boring place as the number of bots. CJ & me are worried with those sexy bots coming with a link to a porn site. It sux , not porn that annoying sites. Chatting a real human is always fun. We got amazing memories chatting on Yahoo in the past. We are still trying to get that real fun outta it.

Yuhoooo! The time is really changed. Bonzi[=Hanzi] my cousin is having a Yahoo 360 Blog. She has not done anything cool with it yet. Just copy-pasted some professional text on a topic I really hate. CJ & me posted a comment expressing ourselves. Hey, It’s amazing that two or three clicks away from Bonzis blog there were some lesbian/sex blogs. A girl (maybe Indian) has asked for treatments for have big B**Bs in her blog. This blogging culture is going far more than I’ve ever thought of. Kinda fun & I’m afraid Bonzis gone lesbian.Can’t be. Hey Bonz I think you are still that normal girl. Are you?


Cool Geek

Buddhika Siddhisena a geek we know from our past ittimes dates is on Yahoo chat & CJ has chatted with him. He is a real cool guy. His Blog is also a good place to know about him & a lot on FOSS/Linux. I should have chitchat with him in da future.


Yahoo may get fun back to us. CJ found his big popular ID B_U_W_A. The fun times are back. Yeah It’s right Yahoo fun times are back. We found a Srilankan real human gal.

Wooooops!!! Every second is fun & amazement. I should say that Sri Lanka has gone wild by the time. We tried to have some sleep after the break down of the net connection. CJ is having some bad health.


August 8, 2006

Got up at 5am. Just had a short 2 hour sleep. CJ is awake all the night with that bad health. I know how difficult it is to not have sleep. But CJ has got a real good reason to be awake. He’s gonna meet Dhanushka ayya & get that laptop. GOOD LUCK CJ!!!.10 mins to get ready & I’m on the way back home. CJ is going for his dream.


I’m back home. Mom, Dad & Malli are getting ready to go for there day to day PROBLEMS. Even I type my blog from days today is the day I’m gonna have it real. Looking to get a wordpress blog this night. Spent some hours with computer & had a little sleep. Mom & Dad are back home when I get up at 5pm. Dad has got an application for an online job. Actually two for me & CJ. Online job, Sounds cool must search for more details tonight.


Found some Yahoo & google hacks out of O’reillys hacks CD. Better try them tonight.

Hey I’m gonna get these things online tonight. The start of my blogging life. I should mention that I have found what the fun in blogging is. More more fun on blogging in the future. Happy Blogging For me.





  1. Another really nice, great and original comment.

  2. I’ve had acne for decades. I was so red and scarred, you’d think that World War II got fought on my face. Nothing helped more than a little. One product I tried gave me rashes that actually managed to make me look worse. I was resigned to having ugly skin until my friend said to try Acnezine. It was unbelievable! After all these years, my acne has cleared up, and even the scars are starting to look better.

  3. Thanx man

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